​You just cannot imagine the smile on my face while typing this post. I appreciate all those who read CYBER NUISANCE and I even love those who took out time to send their comments through any of these means-email, whatsapp and sms. 
In the past few days since CYBER NUISANCE was released, I have shared with you two reviews. Guess what?
I am going to share with you another review by a classmate and a friend. He read the manuscript of the novella in its raw form. If he had told me that it was ‘okay’ after reading, I probably would have shoved the manuscript under my bed. He encouraged and made suggestions. He is one of the people I must appreciate for the birth of CYBER NUISANCE.
Just before I give you his review, there is this gist for you.
I was just sitting down and doing whatever people do while sitting when I received a message from a well respected colleague. He is also a friend. He offered to make me a cover page for CYBER NUISANCE free of a dime. I was really amazed and I felt humbled. Within 24hrs I received four samples and I fell in love with them all. I eventually had to pick one after thorough elimination  process. CYBER NUISANCE now has a cover page, thanks to Adebajo Adekunle ‘Fisayo.

Credit: Adebajo Adekunle ‘Fisayo

Now to the review by : Ikumelo Kayode
Over the years, we have read short tales of how the tortoise lost his smooth shell.. How an indigent young boy tasted success against all odds through sheer grit and determination and hardwork… How a young prince braved the dictates of tradition and forged a harrowing way through the barriers of class stratification to find love in the bosom of a common handmaid. Good stories on their day.. And close to comfort for our authors. But how many over the years have dared to wander into a theme which does not portray a strong suit in our part of the world. A Sci-Thriller. 
 Enters Oyekan O.O
The writer does so well to simplify a science based storyline in such a way as does not make us bored or lose interest or leave us playing catch-up.  The plot(s) of this story revolves around Brian in that he is saddled with the responsibility of unmasking the one behind a really advanced hacking scheme which affected the high and mighty in the society. It is with Brian that we see the challenges and immense pressures of the Labour market such that his career depended on successfully carrying out that sole assignment. 
The writer further uses this character to show the importance of family and good relationship with siblings. As Brian’s task only became successful when he mended his rift with his crazy sister Sunny. 
And please.. Really.. Name any great story which never had romance in it..( Even Kambili had to fall in love with a Rev. Father.. If u know warramin)… Van seemed the really hot boss: Those-office-appointment-types-of boss.. And Brian sure was not going to dull it. 
The story didn’t even end when the hacker was caught. And that’s the beauty of it.. The writer expounded another side to the whole story that by the end of the story.. A new journey.. A new exciting journey had just begun for Brian and for us readers that left us begging for a sequel. It really does take talent..and with this, Oyekan O.O announces herself as a talented budding author. 
Take it from a person who couldn’t even read to boost his grades. *Cyber Nuisance*will leave you spellbound and wanting more. It’s even a short something sef.. Satisfies your foremost requirement 😂. I fear my review is even longer than the novella itself… Lol.. Peace✌

If you still haven’t read CYBER NUISANCE, now is the time to read and share.
Thank for your time!🏿


​Still on my novella gist…
You can’t blame me for being excited. The comments I have gotten really got me grinning like a Chesire cat. I am so happy that people really loved my first novella. It means so much.

I sincerely appreciate all those who have taken their time to read my novella and I love those who took their time to send me a kudos.
So, let me gist you…
I got a thumbs up/critic/ review from this boss lady who also happens to a published writer. She is the author of THE HOUSEMAID, just ask your siblings in JSS 3 or Basic 9 (Oyo State Schools) like they call it now, they will tell you all about the novel. This boss lady is- Ebere Ezike.
Here is her review(I am keeping the criticisms to myself)

“Wow, wow, wow….What a nice job you did.  This is beautiful. Eku ise!
The suspense went through; even at, the end I was still looking for another page.
I love the fact that the guy (Brian) was able to reconcile his differences with his sister and through that got the help he was looking for.

I also loved the fact that the devil they were looking for was not the real devil😈. Thank you for also noting that such (what they discovered) was beyond their jurisdiction. 
Then the romance is cool…
So, to Characters:
*Brian:* Nice guy.  I love the way you painted him as imperfect. 
*Van:* Cool personality. That somersault something was bae! Smart and intelligent. And how she brought about a truce was nice…though, you sort of tilted me towards her than Brian.
*Sunny:* The surprise springer! She is the real heroine. Weak but strong. We never got to know her age though, but I presume she should be in her teens and yes, ‘she be correct hacker o’…Four computers, what the hell! Stealth mode😂
*Madam Faulkner:* Perfect traditional mother
*Mr Faulkner:*  Though I never knew you, God bless your soul. You trained Sunny well
Also, the fact that Brian’s identity was let out in a creative manner was nice.

Your use of humour was also beautiful. For instance, where Sunny said she was better than one bad hacker and Van was praising her, Brian’s reply was epic😂”

So what do you think? You have to read my novella if you have not. Open the pages and get immersed into the Cyber world.
Download here or ask me to send you a copy free of charge(I am nice like that)