Few days ago, I had the opportunity of listening to one Yoruba gospel song with the title ‘Iwo ko lo dami’ where the story of the encounter between David and Goliath was sung. Of course it wasn’t my first time of listening to the song but it was my first time of understanding the story and i know the understanding was made possible through the help of the Holy Spirit.
That day i understood that many christians lose their battles in the ‘world’ because we think it is our battle forgetting that it actually belongs to God. We forget that we can’t fight God’s battle for him. And for those christians that win their battle, it because they understood that the battle isn’t theirs’ but God’s and so they allow God take charge and use them win the battle and the enemies lose because they didn’t know they were going into war against God.

For better understanding we will share few instances from the Bible.

DAVID v GOLIATH: 1 Samuel 17. While trying to impress Saul, David made some key statements. ”I had killed lions and bears…” ”the Lord who delivered me…will deliver me from the Philistine” . When Goliath saw David all he saw was a small young harmless boy and he was angry and was so sure he was going to win. He saw David as his opponent, but David knew it was God’s battle so he told Goliath…”You come against me with sword… but I come against you IN THE NAME OF THE LORD,THE GOD OF ISRAEL, WHOM YOU HAVE DEFIED. THE LORD WILL DELIVER YOU THIS DAY INTO MY HANDS…THE BATTLE BELONGS TO THE LORD…”
Goliath didn’t know his real opponent was God and because David knew what Goliath didn’t see, David won the battle and God’s name was glorified.

Tomorrow we will share more examples from the scripture.
But before then, let us put this in our mind as christians that to win our battle against the world, we must understand whose battle it is. We must understand that the battle belongs to God and not us.