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Let us take another instance from the bible.

Nebuchadnezzar v Shadrach, Mesach and Abdnego…Daniel 3…This is a very common story, so I will get straight to the point. Because these men refused to bow to Nebuchadnezzar’s golden statute, he was angry and asked that they should be thrown into the furnace. To Nebuchadnezzar, it was a battle against the three young men who had defied him. In vs 15, the King said “…then what god can deliver you out of my hands.” He didn’t know that his real opponent was God, but the three men knew the battle wasn’t theirs’ but God’s own. In vs 16, they replied him “O King Nebuchadnezzar we need not defend ourselves before you on this matter. If you have us thrown into the furnace, THE GOD WE SERVE WILL BE ABLE TO SAVE US FROM IT AND HE WILL RESCUE US FROM YOUR HANDS”
These men later won the battle because they knew whose battle it was and at the end even Nebuchadnezzar worshipped God.

King Balak sent for Balaam to come and curse the Israelites, God however instructed Balaam not to go at first, but after a while God allowed him to go but only on the condition that he does what he(God) instructs. On the way, Balaam’s donkey kept veering off the road into the field, this angered Balaam and he struck the donkey thrice. To cut the long story short, the angel of the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes and it was then he saw the angel of the Lord standing on the road with a drawn sword.
Balaam thought his donkey was just being disobedient by veering off the road, it was when the Lord opened his eyes that he discovered that he was not battling with his donkey but with the angel of the Lord. In vs 22 “…and the angel of the Lord posted himself on the road to block his way”
Imagine, Balaam who was a prophet didn’t even know he was entering into a battle against God, thanks to his donkey who recognised the angel of the Lord and retreated. In vs 32 the angel told him “…I have come to OPPOSE you because you have been reckless in undertaking this journey” vs 33 “The donkey saw me and turned away three times. Otherwise I would have killed you and spared her”

Even a prophet of God almost got himself killed because he didn’t understand whose battle it was.

My prayer this day is that God gives us the divine understanding that will help us understand whose battle it is we are fighting, and that he opens our eyes to see God and not go into battle against God. Amen
To be continued….

Oyekan Oluwaseun O

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