What Will I Do?

What will I do if my pen is taken away?
What will I do if I lose my parchment?
Will I remain the same if my inspiration deserts me?
Will my sanity be the same if I can’t do that which I cherish most?
How will my head handle everything my eyes sees?
How will my mind cope with the burden of everything my ear hears?


Photo Credit: Vic

Take my wealth not my will
Depart with my jewels not my pen
Steal my diamond not my parchment

To lose my will is to lose my sanity
To lose my pen is to lose my voice
To lose my parchment is to erase my existence.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O

Something About Nothing.

I have a story to tell
A story I know nothing about
I know this story so well like the back of my hand
But it happened long before I was born.
I invite you to be my audience
I have lots of seats and foods
But I advice that you bring your seat and your food.
There are many seats but they are for the unborn.
The available foods are for the dead.

This story is a story that happened long time ago
Yet it is a story of tomorrow.
I can confidently tell you about tomorrow.

For tomorrow is here with us.
Today was once tomorrow
Yesterday was once today.
The story is intriguing
You might need to put a cotton wool soiled with oil in your ear
For this is a story you definitely don’t want to hear attentively.
Bring along your enemy’s enemy
For what better way to enjoy life than with your friend.

Listen to my story
My story is a riddle
The riddle is a puzzle
The answer to my puzzle is you.
Answer my puzzle
Help me understand my riddle
Because you are the key toy story.
Tell me the story
So that I may tell you my story!!!

Oyekan Oluwaseun O

For The Love Of My Country

We pretend that all is well
When there is a lot to tend
For we are headed inside the well.

We were slaves in the past
Whipped by our generous masters
But our patriots won the fight
In return we killed our patriots.

They called it revolution
All for a better tomorrow
So we encourage the motion
But we are achieving zero.

They were sins of yesterday
So we are suffering today.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O