Paint Me Black!!!

Helo everyone! My name is Aroyehun Abisola. I’m an upcoming poet. This is the very first time I’ll be posting one of my poems on a blog. All thanks to my dear friend, Oyekan Oluwaseun Oyebimpe. “thank you for this opportunity”.
Before I go on, I should apologise for the late post. The poem you are about to read should have been posted yesterday. I’m saying a huge “SORRY” for the late post.
Here it is.
Paint me black,
That’s who I am.
Paint me now,
But make it black.

Paint me red,
I’ll just look dead.

Paint me pink,
I’ll start to stink.

Paint me green,
I’ll burn by the skin.

Paint me blue,
I’ll live as a fool.

Paint me brown,
I’ll look like a clown.

Paint me yellow,
In dirt, I would wallow.

Paint me purple,
I’ll age like a turtle.

Paint me now,
Or paint me then.
Paint me through,
I’m whole in black.

Paint me black,
That’s who I am.
God made me black,
From all times past.

Paint me black,
That’s who I am.
God made me so,
From hair to sole.

The above poem, explains an African heritage . The colour “black”, is the poetic tool used in describing the African nature.
Hope you enjoyed it. Later!