What happened to asking straightforward questions like, ‘What is Tort? What are the elements of defamation?’
Honestly, life will definitely be easier for everyone if we have questions like, ‘What is mandamus?’

Do our questions really have to come in stories and comprehension passages? I mean, what kind of story needs authorities? It hurts my well manicured fingers(abi nails) to hold the pen for 3 hours trying to write what I was taught in about thirteen weeks. Honestly, this is   unfair and I am sure it is against some principle of natural justice (I still don’t know which one though, still searching…).

There is also that very thing called ‘cases’. Those story like questions require cases. The cases are like the spice of the dish, so you have to keep alternating between a red pen and your normal pen(at least it makes the booklet colourful). In my own opinion, some people are just out to oppress poor souls like me, their whole booklet is full of red ink and I have to ask myself if they are giving their own judgment because a look into my own booklet that barely have three lines of red ink in a page is depressing(don’t you dare ask how I get to see someone else’s booklet in the exam, I can’t explain…it just happens).


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Why can’t we just answer our comprehension passages without citing any case? I mean does evey principle have to have a case. We are forced to remember names of some persons who by themselves got into trouble (well, some are victims of circumstances sha). It is annoying that someone went to court just because she found a decaying snail in her bottle of beer and made that our own problem. She could have stayed at home or something instead of giving us extra stuffs to read(Some of us were not even born when she decided to drink that beer). I am still searching for Donoghue or is it Stevenson. Do they know how many times I saw dead rats in my sachet of water?(please, don’t even say anything or ask how). I just grab a bottle of Alomo bitters and I am fine.

What is wrong with these people? What has happened to the good Spirit of Forgiveness?
If everyone could just be like me, then there will be no cases to cite.

Honestly, it is not easy being a Law Student…Lord Denning had to die leaving lots of ratio,dictum and dissenting judgements for simple minds like us to struggle with. I am not beefing the guy or something but honestly he left lots of those stuffs behind.


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Oh! I almost forgot those law makers that can’t write in simple and straight English. They keep writing, ‘wherefore herein the proceeding subject to the , otherwise nature whilst the subject matter…'(well, I don’t know if that is even a section in any enactment). I can’t blame them, it is copy and paste they do ‘upandan’.

I really would love to write more on my grievances as a Law student but then I just suddenly remember I have to read Law of Evidence ( if only people can be truthful, there wouldn’t have been need for this course).

Enjoy your day Legal Penguins(Penguins? Really? Who even started this Penguin thing? So we are now animals abi?) !!!

I Have A Crush!!!

It’s another Saturday and another feature from DEAR CORDELIA. Thanks for reading my last post. I hope you ladies are not wasting any precious time before telling them(guys) yes.
I have a very interesting thing to talk about today.

You’ve had a crush one time or the other (don’t deny it). You probably have a crush at present. Some guys have got it bad for some beauty queens like Nicki Minaj, Genevieve, Mercy Johnson, Taylor Swift and the likes. Some girls have crush on some handsome hunks like: Joseph Benjamin, Jim Iyke, Ramsey Noah and the likes. Crushes like these are unrealistic, no matter how much or how long you crush on these people it will come to nought. I don’t have to tell you why you shouldn’t waste your time.

The good news however, is that some crush are very realistic. You probably have a crush for the girl next door, your class mate, your friend or senior colleague. Well this kind of crush is realistic. I prefer to indulge myself in a crush like this than some unrealistic crush(and I will advice you do the same).

At this juncture, it is pertinent that we give a meaning or definition to ‘crush’. According to a dictionary, CRUSH is ‘a short-lived and unrequited love or infatuation; the object of this infatuation. ‘

It is very possible to have crush on three ladies at a time for guys or four guys for ladies. All I am trying to say is that unlike the moral rule of love that says you can only love your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/partner, there is no rule that says you can only crush on one person, that is the good thing about having a crush. Most of the time, most crush are just crush nothing more, it could just be that you admire something so much in the other person. A crush of this kind might fade away with time,(as implied in the definition above)it is usually an infatuation that is short-lived. However, some crush might lead to more!!! It is at this point that it gets tricky.


It gets tricky because many make the mistake of thinking they are in love with the time other person when all they’ve got is just a crush. It doesn’t help when you see your crush almost everyday, every time and everywhere because the law of proximity will make you think you love the person. As good as a crush might be, crush is not love. If you mistaken crush for love, you might just get crushed!!!

On another note, do you know it is possible for your crush to have a crush on you??? Wow!! That is called imagination but seriously it is possible. Well, my crush has got a crush on me and it is not an imagination.

By the way, I have got a crush on…(winks)

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Dear Cordelia

Just Tell Him Yes!


Welcome to the DEAR CORDELIA feature.
This post should have been posted yesterday, sorry it is coming late. Better late than never.

I have got something very interesting to talk about today. By the way, thanks for reading last week’s post. I got lots of private messages about the zone issue. Hope everyone has made necessary amendments.

Down to today’s issue: it’s something about some old fashioned belief ladies have which I seem to have an issue with.
It is a common culture among ladies, I don’t know who even started it but it is like an unspoken rule. The rule says that: if a guy asks you out or is trying to ask you out you must allow him chase you for about two months or so before saying yes.
Reasoning behind this rule is that: the guy won’t think of you as cheap and he would respect you more.

As nice as this culture might seem to many, I find it silly. If ladies would be sincere, when a guy asks us out, we know our answer at that moment. In most cases, we know the friendship was already heading there and probably waiting for him to pop the question. Why then should you pretend to be thinking about it when you’ve probably done the thinking before he even asked?
I don’t think what makes a guy knows the worth of a lady is how long it took the lady to agree to date him. Only a guy who is foolish and not worthy of a lady would interpret a lady’s quick affirmative answer to mean the lady is cheap and goes ahead to think less of her.


We have heard real life stories of guys who chase ladies for six months and more but still end up disrespecting the ladies, maltreat them and think low of them. There are several other realistic ways of gaining a guy’s respect.

If you love him, just say yes and save each other the heartache of waiting. Most times, a guy knows when a lady likes him and knows you are most likely going to tell him yes.


Another thing is that, some guys don’t know how to chase ladies for a long time. They might think you don’t feel the same way about them when you refuse to give your answer early. Not all guys know how to persist, it doesn’t necessarily means they are proud or arrogant. It is just who they are. You might end up losing him at the end and this might hurt you.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel the same way, be quick to say no. Don’t let your over-stretched silence be mistaken for a yes. The earlier you let him know you are not interested the better. Be firm with your NO.

This is not to say you can’t give him one week suspense before telling him yes, but anything more than that is unnecessary and silly especially if you like him.

I will like to drop my pen with this: if there is no respect  then it is not love.  Sometimes when love wavers, respect will see you through.

Looking forward to your comments and likes.

With love,
                   -Dear Cordelia

Oyekan Oluwaseun O