Let me start by saying:
Happy Sunday
Happy New Month
Happy Independence Day Nigerians!

It has been a while since I tried anything in the Poetry department but in the spirit of everything that October 1, 2017 represents, I decided to put something on my scroll!

Also, I am a great lover of the Olympian gods after reading the five stories of Percy Jackson and the Olympian gods. I have read each of the stories at least six times. So I decided to henceforth spice up my poems with tidbits of their stories. Someone once asked me for my style of writing and I replied- SIMPLICITY!

So, whether you love poems or not…you will love this because it is simple to understand.



The one thing that keeps us together
When everything else seems to have failed
When the actions and inactions
Of many are trying to break us
Lies in a box
It is a fluttering frail thing
It keeps urging us to go on
It is what makes us want to start a new day
Even after hearing that the Typhon is stirring
Or when it seems that the dark clouds of uncertainty is hovering
Hovering like a sword of Damocles
This fluttering frail little thing has been our strength

Some have opened the box where it lies in and let it out
But many have refused to open it
These days we can feel the box getting cold and the fluttering frail little thing getting colder.
But we must not give up on it
So that the past efforts of our heroes and present efforts of our patriots
Shall not be in vain.

So, let us give our boxes to Hestia
The goddess of hearth
For it is here that it shall find warmth
And the warmth shall keep us going
Let us not be tempted to open our Pandora’s box
For in it lies HOPE- the fluttering frail little thing that keeps humanity going!