A quick rejuvenating dose by Panacea. The year is coming to an end and many are giving up on their hopes for the year because of the limes life has thrown them this year. Panacea reminds us of how we can make Limca out of the limes.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

On countless occasions have I watched boxing matches-Mohammed Ali Vs Fraiser Joe, notably Mayweather Vs Manny Pacquiao. One thing that fascinates me is how punches are thrown and how they are dodged. When in the ring, the boxers are always focused on their opponents, facing them in the face and trying to make a point out of them. I’ve taken my time to steadily study the attitude of boxers on the ring and I was able to deduce that one thing that keeps them going is their focus and ability to take charge of opportunities.

Life is exactly like a boxing match. You have the tendency of winning and losing; many punches of hatred, difficulties and turmoils are thrown towards you. Even the shout (spectators hails) of double standards are spoken into your ears, but you can only win if you take the best out of those punches.

One of my best matches is the match between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather was so defensive but technical, he took opportunities of only the important situations and got a better chance of the game, though his punches were less compared to that of Manny but they were strong and precise. Even Manny acclaimed he thought he won the match. I was furious and mad at the decision, I even branded the result as “OJORO”(cheat) but later I understood that Mayweather took advantage of Manny’s strength (throwing punches) by being defensive and threw powerful punches at the slight opportunities he got.

Life will always throw punches at you whether you like it or not. You must receive those powerful but never allow them break you. You have to be defensive and dogged, you have to understand that life that though life throws punches to bring you down, you also can take opportunity of those punches with all doggedness to the extent that even life will be amazed at the outcome of your actions.

Those who fear life’s punches are destroyed by them, those who wisely receive and exploit them are alive because they made lemonade out of lemons. This is a lesson we must hold on to, it is a lesson we must never forget, that no matter how life punches us we must never set off our eyes from the goal.
We must never be perturbed, life does these things to build and shape us for the wonderful life ahead, but if we end up losing in that ring (earth), it is because we do not believe in the capacity of what we can do in that ring.

Winning a match isn’t just about throwing punches (as evident in Mayweather Vs McGregor), it is knowing when to take punches, studying the movement of the opponent, making a deceptive move and then throwing a powerful punch. It is not the number of punches that matters but the precision with which they are delivered. If life throws punches at you, you can throw yours back at it by never giving up.

Opportunity will present itself in disguise, this is because it is embedded in the ferocious, risky and venturesome blows of life, but when you understand life’s blow as a blessing in disguise, study the movement that warrants it, the situations around it, making a mesmerizing n dicey movement(taking risks) in that ring, with that, summing all your wit and power in your own blow, and sending it at a right time, you’ll be amazed to see that that which you have unleashed is an atomic bomb and you have won in the match against life.



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