I was on my bed gisting with my sister when my brother came banging my door. I had earlier heard him lamenting that girls are terrible but I pretended I didn’t hear him. For one thing I am not a feminism freak, I am more of a human rights freak. Whether for male or female I believe that the right thing should be done. So when I heard him lamenting about how terrible and cunning ladies can be I just smiled. Maybe I should have jumped up and told him that men and not ladies are terrible, but then what will I benefit from the argument? It is nothing but a waste of my time. I have come to the conclusion that human beings- male, female, transgender or whatever form they take these days can be terrible, deceitful and cunning. So, I don’t bother wasting my time on forming that I am a feminist. I listen to your argument first then I make my counter- argument based on your argument. So, a general comment like ‘girls are terrible’, doesn’t move me at all.

When he came banging at my door, I knew that it was a serious matter because my brother knows better than to come and bang my door to inform me of the Jezebel nature of my gender. The look of disgust on his face confirmed that he was truly appalled. So maybe it has happened to other guys but for him it was a first.

Here goes the story:

So this girl is his acquaintance or something but definitely not a friend. I don’t know how and where they met but he has her number and she does too. For about six months the girl never replied his chats on whatsapp. She reads it but won’t even spare him a simple hello. I told him a girl has the freedom to choose who to reply and who not to reply. He stopped checking up on her after sometimes.

Well, Miss I- Don’t- Want -To -Talk- To- You shocked him when she replied all the messages he had sent over the months in a day within few minutes. The same messages she had read all those months and didn’t acknowledge. She apologised profusely for not replying his messages giving several excuses. He was still thinking of an apt reply when she told him she needed 250k to rewrite some courses she failed in the previous semester.

My brother definitely cannot have 250k to spare and I would still be using this tiny Huawei phone. The girl wasn’t asking for the whole 250k, she wanted him to give her the remaining 50k or at least half of it. In other words, she has 200k already. For someone who went to a Federal University, the whole paying to rewrite courses failed was strange but the girl explained that she attends a Private University. If she is paying 250k to rewrite the courses she failed I wonder how much her school fees is per session. The first question my brother asked was if she failed all her courses.

She explained that she didn’t fail all the courses but just two of the courses. So if my mathematics is correct, she is paying 125k for one course. All my school fees for the past five years is not even up to 125k. Add all what my brother paid for his four years and my five years, I am sure we will still have enough money to buy a medium box of pizza from the 250k. My brother told her alright and promised her a swift response. She was happy probably because she thought alert ‘go’ enter.

My brother won’t be my mother’s child if he is not smart. He immediately browsed to see if the school was even in existence. He was able to access the school’s website and he called the help desk and made enquiries. He was told that the option to rewrite failed courses was actually available but one course is 50k no matter the faculty or department. He ended the call, called the girl and asked her again how many courses she was rewriting and she said just two courses. You cannot imagine how angry he was that the girl tried to play him.

The whole thing was just funny to me. I told him that there are three options. First, she is not even a student of that University. Second, she is a student but the story is a lie. Third, she actually failed five courses but shame wouldn’t allow her admit it. My brother wasn’t interested in making excuses for her. He was simply appalled.

My Conclusion

If the first option or second option is the case, then she is not smart enough. She should have made necessary enquiries to ensure that there are no loopholes. Not all guys will just give you 50k like that, at least I know my mother’s son won’t give 50k just like that considering your past attitude. A cancer story might work though but definitely not this kind of story.

If it is the third option, then there is no point lying. I think admitting you failed five courses is better than two courses considering the amount involved. On the other hand, if you truly failed five courses in a single semester and you need 250k and you still have about four semesters to go, then I think a private university is not for you unless your father doesn’t mind. You can’t go about begging those who went to strike-infested schools for 250k every time you fail. It simply isn’t fair.

It is either you get your head in the game and try to make the pass mark or simply switch to a Federal University (assuming you are able to get an admission) where you simply carry over without unnecessary cost.

Before I forget, who has 50k to spare? All I want is pizza. At least something to munch on while ASUU and Federal Government are still negotiating on whether I should have quality education or not.



It’s been a very long time. I won’t even try to offer an excuse for my absence has been nothing but laziness. 

Here is a beautiful poem by a friend who after scolding me for my laziness decided to drop something. Thanks Molayo.

She gave it to me 

I threw it away

She said it’s a jewel

But I saw it as a smirch
Treasures are meant to be kept 

In the hidden places far from the eyes of men 

Chaos is not far from its reach 

Disguising itself as a gift. 
My heart is dirty they say

But it houses many treasures untold 

Laying in layers within me concealed

Hoping one day I’ll let them go
Call me not useless

Cos I am actually useful

In me is a depth of untold valuables 

A master showpiece yet to be designed 

My dark ways has taught me the importance of light

The TRAVAIL  has taught me to triumph 

I sought to the needful when needed 

My voice rehearsing a victorious song 
Though I might be dry as a desert

But in me is oases of greatness

You may see me crude inside out 

I am actually in my refining moment 
Even though they see it as a journey with no destination, 

As a forlorn hope, 

I will guide it with utmost consciousness,

Guard it with all might,

 nurture it with all patience 

And hope it ends up fruitful.