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The urge to use them beat each other was very strong. I had to tie my hands to the table so that I don’t give in to the urge. This was a true test of my self-control. I knew that I just had to come out in flying colours. It is a 4 unit course and I won’t carry it over.

I still can’t fathom how two people can generate that much
noise. I am still shaking in anger from my experience with these two girls.

After sleeping for days like I was a non- academic student of the Faculty of Law with no exam to write in less than a week, I finally decided to take pity on my school fees and not let it go to waste.


I decided a visit to the library was in order. I had to battle with mind on whether KDL is the promise land or Adeola Odutola library. If I sojourn to KDL then I won’t have to deal with the monochrome outfit but there is the tendency of little whispers here and there that might interfere with the wave of assimilation. On the other hand, a trip to Adeola Odutola promises a quiet time on the altar of wearing the monochrome outfit. After the battle which started from the time I woke up till the time I opened my wardrobe, I finally settled for Adeola Odutola Library and I picked an outfit that screamed fifty shades of gray literally.


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Just like I had prayed the reading was going on smoothly. Though at a time the urge to ‘backslide’ and sleep was there but I conquered. Not long after I won this historic battle with temptress sleep, two girls entered the library carrying a laptop and some books.  Of all the seats in the library they were propelled by some forces to take their seats beside me.
I didn’t give them a second look since I assumed that they were also there to read. Infact I thought there presence was going to prevent any idea of sleeping since they were my juniors and naturally, I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself by sleeping.

Only if I had known that they were propelled by some forces that didn’t want me to read my Evidence.


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The girls settled down and before I knew it they started watching a movie, though they used earpiece but I could still hear the conversations from the movie clearly. The painful thing was that it was an Indian movie (that is my Achilles Heel). I had to summon all my inner powers to prevent myself from begging them to allow me see the movie.

As if watching movie in library was not enough, they now started discussing the movie and laughing ‘upandan’. They were not whispering o, they were talking as if they were in their room. At this point I was already distracted.

Maybe I should have moved to another seat, since I didn’t want to pull the ‘you are disturbing card’ on them but the point is that that seat I sat on is my lucky seat. That seat is so perfect for me that over the time, I have come to discover that it makes assimilation fast(am not going to tell you the seat, don’t ‘come and go’ and jinx it).

My good heart was still trying to excuse their behaviour, so I told myself that they were probably going to soon start reading, the film was just to get rid of the sleep in their system.

It soon became clear after about twenty minutes that the girls were not going to stop the movie anytime soon. I had to check the meaning of library to be sure that I was not the mistaken one.

I told myself that these girls will leave the library now and someone will see them and start hailing them. The person might even feel intimidated by that fact. He wouldn’t know that they had only gone to violate the sacredness of the library and even disturb a poor mind like mine struggling to understand the Law of Evidence.


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Honestly, that sort of behaviour is not acceptable and it has no sense in it. A library is not a place to watch movies, if you must watch movie do so without disturbing others or just go to your room for Law’s sake. Discussion should be minimal if it compulsory you have that conversation there.

Anyways, I eventually I had to leave that seat and move to another lucky seat( yes, i have several lucky seats and I am not telling you) when a guy came to join them at the library turned cinema. However, I made sure I gave them my worst evil glare before leaving(am bad like that).

The Library is not a cinema people, please epp struggling minds to concentrate fah.

Oya, go back to your book and read. Or what else do you want…


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