Hmmmm….something tells me you might feel like breaking my head after reading this but please remember…this is not my real face.

Well, I can handle the beating(the truth is I am John Cena’s fifth cousin, I just don’t like to be proud!) and the head breaking that might follow(if you know me you will know my head is like Hammer Head) but please let no one call me idle. I won’t take that from anyone.

All the evidence may point in that direction but please I am not idle. I know there is a saying that an idle hand is a devil’s workshop but then it is obvious that my hand typed this piece, that dispels the idea of idleness. Though there is no saying(at least none that I know of) about a wandering mind.

I personally think idleness is relative(just follow my flow of thoughts). The dictionary app on my own phone(I am speaking for myself, check your phone’s dictionary too) explains idle to mean being inactive; doing nothing. A thought then occurred to me that it is not possible to be idle, I mean, no one is ever idle or doing nothing. Everyone is always doing something, though it might not be what we ought to be doing at that moment but that doesn’t mean you are doing nothing. (Whoever developed that word and its meaning is just trying to make one sad and play on one’s intelligence).

Just because you slept all day without reading doesn’t mean you did nothing, you did something and that thing is sleep(and health workers have reported that sleeping is good for the heart). Watching movies all day is doing something(if you don’t watch movies, how will Funke Akindele and all of them survive), it doesn’t matter if you have an exam the following day and you have not read. Playing with your phone all day or gisting with your buddies is not being idle; you are doing something. Whether what you have done is productive or not is
another issue but definitely not idle(Just watch out for my own version of the English dictionary).

There is something I really ought to tell you. I just can’t let you continue to deceive yourself(I am getting emotional already). I am sorry if it hurts you but it is the truth, nothing but the whole truth.


It is all a dream…

Pinch yourself  on your cheek and you will see that I am right. You will wake up and discover that none of the things you think exist actually exist(not all sha, most. Android phones are actually real).
Have you done that? If you are still reading this piece then you are still dreaming. Let us try something different, get a sharp object and use it to prick your cheek…that should do the trick.

Chill, why are you so eager to hurt yourself without knowing what will happen?(over sabi will not kill you)

Let me tell you the truth. It is all a dream and you will wake up after reading this piece to discover you have been sleeping all this while.
You are not a Law student in the University of Ibadan(for those in 300 level to 100level). And for those in 400 level and 500l, you are still in 100level and 200l respectively… you are still stuck in ASUU strike. ASSU is yet to call off the strike, we have all been dreaming.


I am so sorry you think you are starting your law exams next week but the truth is that by the time you wake up, ASUU chairman will be on the National Television Station to tell us about the outcome of the hundredth meeting they had with GEJ.
All this while,your mind has been playing a trick on you. It developed for you a coping mechanism to deal with the depressing ASUU strike.

It is really pitiful that the 500l students think they are writing their projects now when in actual fact they are still struggling with Administrative Law 1.

I can feel the pains of those who think they are now in 300 level when in actual fact they have not even written JAMB not to talk of Post-Utme. I don’t even know how to describe my emotions for the 200 level and 100 level students,who are still in secondary school.

The broom has not even gotten to Aso Rock, the umbrella still got it all covered.
The ASUU strike dealt you all a blow that landed you in this dream.

Imagine if this is all actually a dream.

While flipping through my Equity and Trust note and wondering when we did all of those those topics that looked foreign to me, my mind wandered.


I mean, imagine if it is all a dream. That will mean Oladejo Azeez is still in 100level(which means the ACE dream is yet to be conceived). Then 200 level students need not worry about the mighty Administrative Law test they took sometimes last week since they are actually still in their Gbagimogi Secondary Schools.

Oh my!!! Then it means I don’t know anyone called Temilade, Stanley, Sontan, Yusuff especially Victor (LSS) after all the efforts he has put to making LSS better.

Personally, I think my wandering mind will like it, at least I don’t have to read my Equity and Trust note. Life was easier in 100l level




Wake up!!!




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