It’s been a while. I really miss blogging especially you, yeah, you.

Season greetings to you all. It is the season of our Lord Jesus Christ and it’s another time to remember the birth that brought salvation to us.

Actually, to be sincere with you, I am not exactly happy. My Christmas is not going exactly the way I planned.
I had so many expectations but Christmas is in a few hours and half of my expectations are far from being fulfilled. It’s really so sad.
Despite the preparations going on in my mummy’s kitchen for tomorrow, I am just not moved. I can forsee that tomorrow will be the most boring and least exciting Christmas I have ever had.

But hey!
Despite my disappointments and all, I am still happy. Truly, my expectations are not fulfilled but I definitely have reasons to be happy.
Just last week, I moved to my LL.B Penultimate Year and I can boldly say…’I AM ALMOST A LAWYER.
Most important of all…I am alive and well. And I am a better person than I was last Christmas.

This Christmas might not be going as I wanted but hey who cares….?

I wish to hear from you all, click on the like button if your Christmas is going as you planned. Drop a comment if it is not going as well as you expected.

Remember: You are alive, that is enough reason to be happy dear.


Merry Christmas:-) 🙂 🙂

Oyekan Oluwaseun O