Ella’s Diary: Tales of A Sweet Bitter Love (4)


Xandro stayed true to his words or so it seems. He hasn’t made one complaint since Ella laid down the rules about six months ago.
‘Tess, I seriously don’t understand Xandro’, Ella confided in her best friend who also happens to be her personal assistant.
‘What has Xandro done this time? I thought everything has been okay since you gave him your piece of mind about six months ago.’
‘It is not like he has done anything. He has truly stayed true to his words. He hasn’t made a single complaint about my work or the hours I put into it. He no longer complains about my frequent travelling and all. To top it all he calls my mobile anytime I travel just to check on me. Sometimes, he even arrange for my flights and all. In short, he has done nothing but do what I requested that he do but I am just not comfortable’, she explained to Tess.
‘Well, I really don’t know what to say because I expect you to be happy. The way I see it, Xandro is only complying with your rules, so why exactly are you complaining? Or do you think he is cheating on you?’, Tess asked quizzically
‘Oh, he is not cheating on me’, she responded quickly, ‘he still comes home as early as he does since we got married. When I am home, he doesn’t even go out and when I am not at home, he goes home straight from work. To be sincere, I actually hired a private investigator about four months ago’, she said in a low voice.
‘Why will you hire a private investigator?’

‘When I discovered that he was not complaining about my work again and all, I thought he was probably having an affair. I got this private investigator to spy on him 24/7, I even bugged his phone including his office phone but he was found to be clean. The PI even told me I wasting my time and money.So I am sure he is not. More so, I don’t think he can ever do that to me. He is understanding and compromising’, her lips curved in a tiny smile as she confided further in her friend.
Tess opened her mouth in amazement. She couldn’t believe Ella had gone to that extent. She stared at her and shook her head in pity.
‘Tess, why are looking at me like you are going to bore a hole in my body? What is the problem?’, she questioned her carefully. ‘Or do really think he is having an affair?’
‘You, my dear friend is the problem and I sincerely know that Xandro is not having an affair, at least for now’, she replied sharply and Ella gaped at her in wonder. She has never known Tess to talk to her in that manner.
‘What do you mean by that? I just told you I am worried about Xandro and yet you say I am the problem’
‘The only reason Xandro won’t cheat on you is because he loves you more than you will ever understand or know. It’s like you can’t even see it but everyone else around you does and that is why I think that despite the fact that you’ve given him one thousand and one reaaons to cheat on you, he hasn’t and most likely won’t…’
‘What do…’, Ella tried to interrupt but Tess continued as if she had not talked.
‘You talk about compromise and understanding in marriage, but I think it is you who doesn’t know what these words mean and it is you who also needs to imbibe these virtues. Ella, take a moment and ask yourself, since you married Xandro how much understanding have you showed in your marriage and how many times have you compromised. It is you who always request that he understands you and compromise just for your sake. What have you sacrificed for him and for your marriage? He demands nothing from you and yet he gives everything. The only thing he ever demanded from you was your time. But what did you do? You blackmailed him using the love he has for you against him. It’s not like he is asking you to stop working, he even played a great role in getting you to this position but you are so obsessed with work. There are so many people who you can delegate your work to, not because you are being lazy but because that is why they were employed in the first place. You’ve done nothing but relieve them of their duties and under utilized them. You are so obsessed with your work but you can’t even see that you are about to lose what matters to you most – your husband. If something happens to you, don’t even think this company will stop running for a second, you will be replaced as fast as a lightning. If he can compromise because he loves you, then you should be able to do the same. Stop taking him for granted, many ladies will do anything to have a husband like Xandro. If you truly want your marriage to work, then start acting like yo mean it’, Tess finally concluded her admonishment and by the time she finished Ella was close to tears. Tess walked to where was standing and hugged her warmly. She sobbed silently on her best friend’s shoulder. She finally realised her foolishness and she felt ashamed of her behaviour. She hated herself for being so selfish and cold towards Xandro. She has wasted almost a year fighting a useless battle. She realised that the only enemy was herself, her pride.
‘I am so grateful Tess and I am indebted to you for everything’, she told Tess after she had managed to compose herself a little.
‘It’s nothing Ella, I am more sorry I didn’t talk to you earlier. I thought you were going to see how wrong you were and how I have been covering up for your lapses at work since you laid down your rules six months ago because you were unhappy and it was affecting work’, she told her playfully.
Tess was right, she hasn’t been truly happy since then but she had tried dismissing the feeling. She couldn’t stop missing Xandro and wondering if she did the right thing. In fact, she almost lost a multimillion dollars contract, which would have cost her her job but Xandro had stepped in and saved her.

She picked her bag and her coat up. ‘Tess, I really appreciate you for everything and I promise you a raise for covering up for me but for now, I need to go home and make amends with Xandro because I really can’t do without him. I just hope he is still waiting for me’, she turned to Tess before opening the door.
Tess smiled and said, ‘ Genuine love goes no where, Xandro will definitely be waiting. He gave you his heart a long time ago.’

Dear reader,
Thanks for reading the final part of Ella’s Diary. I am sorry it is coming late. I had to shrink the story so that it would end in this part (since I earlier said four parts). I love you for sticking with Ella’s Diary to the very end.
I sincerely hope that you find that one love like no other and that when you do, you don’t lose it.
You will definitely be seeing more of Ella, Xandro and the thoughtful Tess in subsequent stories.

Love you as always 🙂

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


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