Ella’s Diary: Tales of A Sweet Bitter Love (2)


Ella wakes up still furious and mad. Her short trip to the dreamland didn’t help, she probably must have taken a wrong turn and landed somewhere else. If she thought she was going to be feeling better when she wakes up then she is probably going to sleep the whole day.

It’s like Bruno Mars’ laziness has got to her because she definitely doesn’t feel like doing a thing. Thinking about her marriage alone is draining mentally and physically.

The genesis of it all is her job. Xandro knows how much she loves her job, in fact he encouraged her to be hardworking and even helped her connect to high profiled people and that is why she doesn’t understand why Xandro had to be complaining about her job so much. It is not easy to be the Managing Director of an oil company, so many responsibilities and expectations, especially when you are a woman. Xandro of all people ought to understand this, but no, he is not understanding at all. He started complaining about the way she travels a lot both within and outside Nigeria. His complaints were that she doesn’t have time for him, she is obsessed with her work and all. As far as Ella is concerned, Xandro is just making unnecessary nagging and being unreasonable. How can he expect her to sit down and not travel as her job demands? She is the Managing Director of a multimillion dollars oil company and to be serious, the pay is good. The pay is heaven. Where is she suppose to get such kind of pay if she sits at home pampering her nagging husband.


Though Xandro has told her times without number to trust him and that all her needs will be provided for adequately, still, she can’t bring herself to believe him. Xandro is the CEO of quite a number of multimillion dollars companies. He is rich like that but Ella still believes he can’t provide for all her needs.
She leaves home for work as early as six in the morning and gets back around ten at night. This has always been her working pattern even before she married so why should she change it now. She knows she can delegate to her staff but she prefers to do her work herself for fear of something going wrong.

The bottom line as far as Ella is concerned is that Xandro is unreasonable. Xandro, since their marriage has reduced his work hours, because according to him, he wants to spend more time at home with her.

Initially, Xandro didn’t complain so much. But, his complaints has escalated recently. Is not like she doesn’t cook for him, well, technically the maid does the cooking because of her own busy schedule but the bottom line is that she tells the maid what to cook, so in a way she does the cooking.

If Xandro thinks she is just going to trust in him to provide all her needs and reduce her working hours, he must be related to Joseph, because he is definitely dreaming. She doesn’t know how to trust and she can’t learn it now, so Xandro needs to understand that and learn how to compromise and accept her for who she is.
Or isn’t that what marriage is all about, trust, understanding and compromise? If Xandro really loves her as he claims he still does despite the mess they are going through then he will have to do these things.

So, when he gets back from work, they are going to have a lengthy discussion on this. Or, better still, it is going to be a lecture. She will lecture him on these basic principles of marriage. It is either or….

Hello there again, thanks for coming back to read part two of this story. Ella is definitely planning to have a lengthy discussion with Xandro, so I think you should take a tea break before this mighty discussion or lecture of the century takes place.
So make it a date with Ella’s Diary next Monday.
Before then, you can drop your comments and tell me of what you think about the whole issue, considering Ella’s attitude.

One very sure thing is that, I love you all. 🙂

P.S.: Just in case you missed the part one yesterday, here is the link https://labakeblogs.wordpress.com/2015/08/20/ellas-diary-tales-of-a-sweet-bitter-love/

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


4 comments on “Ella’s Diary: Tales of A Sweet Bitter Love (2)

  1. Now I think Ella is being unreasonable. For Xandro to be reduce his working hours, why can’t she? She should wise up if she want to save her marriage nd stop being a carrier woman. Can’t wait to read what Xandro’s reaction will be during Ella’s so called “lecture”. Bestie, keep the pen writing.

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