Ella’s Diary: Tales of A Sweet Bitter Love


Humming to Celine Dion’s ‘have you ever been in love’ lyrics , Ella is getting dressed for a date later in the day because she is definitely in love. Her chest felt like it couldn’t contain her excitement, the butterflies in her stomach wouldn’t settle down. Happiness shone on her face and gave light to the whole room. This night has to be perfect, she thought to herself. Xandro proposed to her about a week ago and she had joyfully said a big unequivocal yes to him and tonight was their engagement party. All her family members and Xandro’s relations will be present.
Everyone had been waiting for this day. Xandro is her childhood friend and sometimes acted like her big brother. There is nothing Xandro wouldn’t do for her just to make her happy, even if it is to cross seven oceans, seven seas, seven valleys and seven mountains in seven days – literally speaking, he would do it for her. Sometimes she asks herself why Xandro loves and cares about her so much. She wonders if anyone else could love her that way. Deep in her heart, she knows she doesn’t love Xandro half as much as Xandro loves her and it was because of this that it took her years to agree to marry Xandro, but all along, Xandro had been nothing but patient. He told her several times that his love was more than sufficient for both of them and it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t love him so much.
Inspite of Xandro’s assurance, Ella couldn’t come to terms with such beautiful love which Xandro had for her. But she eventually did and today is her engagement party. She was so sure Xandro loves and adores her and she promised herself never to take him for granted and to always love him in her little way…


Six months after their wedding- since they got married two weeks after their engagement party- the centre seem to be falling apart. The happiness in Ella’s heart earlier has disappeared.
She kept telling herself Xandro had changed. Xandro no longer cares and he doesn’t love her anymore. She is starting to feel choked by their marriage.
Xandro must be the best pretender the world has ever produced. He pretended to have loved her for several years and just six months after the wedding, Xandro is leaving her…
Xandro is definitely a heartless bastard, this was her thought as she drifted to the dreamland…

Thanks for reading this far. I bet you want to know what exactly went wrong between Ella and Xandro and most importantly, why Xandro is leaving Ella after about six months of their conjugal bliss…

Also, you really might be wondering why Xandro the perfect person in Ella’s world turned to a heartless bastard in a short while…

Well, you can make it a date again with me tomorrow and I am sure all your questions and speculations would be answered and clarified.
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Love you 🙂

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


6 comments on “Ella’s Diary: Tales of A Sweet Bitter Love

  1. Cool story. Now I’m curious. Is Xandro just a normal playboy? What will be Ella’s faith? Guess I should just follow her to the dreamland and find out.

    Liked by 1 person

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