Are You A Six Packs Lady?

I have really missed you all! I always have you on my mind. The break has really made me understand how much you guys mean to me. Without you guys, there wouldn’t be this beautiful blog. It is truly true that, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’

There is this question that has been running through my mind for few weeks now. And I am really hoping that you beautiful people will help me out.
            What is it with most ladies and guys with six packs?
I can manage to understand why any lady might like a fine guy because personally I can turn to a jelly puddle when I see a fine boy (those fine boys with cute and pretty lips, nice eyes that can make one fall into a trance, tall and nice broad shoulders that can you want to fall asleep for a very long time), but I still don’t understand why some girls turn to jello-o when they see a guy with six packs. What is the big deal about guys with six packs? It is like if you don’t have six packs as a guy, the lady might not find you so appealing.


Source: Google

Honestly speaking, the mystery behind ladies and their love for guys with six packs continues to amaze me. Some ladies claimed that it makes guys finer and more attractive; a few is of the opinion that it makes them feel secured and safe; others just like it for no just reason.
The funny thing is that many guys are now ‘six packs’ conscious. Gyms are now full of guys that want to have six packs so that they can impress their girlfriends and might- be girlfriends. The new thing is that there are now steroids that can be taken to have six packs, big muscles and eventually end up looking like a bouncer or Hulk.

Unless, you want him to be your bodyguard or a party bouncer, I don’t think you should be so obsessed with a guy with six packs. Though, some of these guys are cute, many just remind me of Iron Man.

This is just my own thought on guys with six packs. I really hope to hear your beautiful thoughts on this.
Oh! To the my dearest six packs guys in the house, thanks for helping the ladies fulfill their fantasy of a perfect guy. I love you from my heart right to the stars and moon.

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Love you.

                Dear Cordelia.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


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