Black Musing

This past week was an eye opener. It made me to think about lots of things.

The events of this past week made start looking at life in a whole new way. Within three days, about four people died. Of course, it’s not a big news that people die, but when four people from your school die within three days, then it’s a big news.

I have always known that death is inevitable. Dying is one big debt we all owe and whether we like it or not, we will pay. It doesn’t matter whether we hate thinking about it or not. In fact, it has been said that we shouldn’t think about how and when we are going to die, because when the time comes, nature will take care of it.

I am not trying to create fear, more so, there is no point fearing the inevitable. It will only make one die before death comes.

When death comes, we will discover that all our struggles make no sense. Whether we have enjoyed the sweet rewards of our struggles or not is of no importance. Death doesn’t give a damn about how rich or poor you are. Your intelligence or stupidity makes no difference.

Then it makes me want to ask that of what importance is all our struggles, efforts, pains, emotion (love, hatred), grudges, aspirations and many more?

Why can’t death be sat down and we explain some things to it? Make it reason with us, let it understand that after our struggles we deserve a lifetime of enjoyment. It is a shame death can’t reason with us.

In the end, all that matters is the memory we leave behind.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


One comment on “Black Musing

  1. Abi o ma sis,death is inevitable, its nt a new tin tu mi wen death tuk away d person behind mi on d list, dis ma sis is always afta er CGP n nao d point is a waste, all er asserts is a waste. D funiest part is dat d lady was 4month wen death cld do dat so wat else…no one can escape it we jst pray it shldnt b in an hilarious way n we shld do gud in all our doins…


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