I Have A Crush!!!

It’s another Saturday and another feature from DEAR CORDELIA. Thanks for reading my last post. I hope you ladies are not wasting any precious time before telling them(guys) yes.
I have a very interesting thing to talk about today.

You’ve had a crush one time or the other (don’t deny it). You probably have a crush at present. Some guys have got it bad for some beauty queens like Nicki Minaj, Genevieve, Mercy Johnson, Taylor Swift and the likes. Some girls have crush on some handsome hunks like: Joseph Benjamin, Jim Iyke, Ramsey Noah and the likes. Crushes like these are unrealistic, no matter how much or how long you crush on these people it will come to nought. I don’t have to tell you why you shouldn’t waste your time.

The good news however, is that some crush are very realistic. You probably have a crush for the girl next door, your class mate, your friend or senior colleague. Well this kind of crush is realistic. I prefer to indulge myself in a crush like this than some unrealistic crush(and I will advice you do the same).

At this juncture, it is pertinent that we give a meaning or definition to ‘crush’. According to a dictionary, CRUSH is ‘a short-lived and unrequited love or infatuation; the object of this infatuation. ‘

It is very possible to have crush on three ladies at a time for guys or four guys for ladies. All I am trying to say is that unlike the moral rule of love that says you can only love your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/partner, there is no rule that says you can only crush on one person, that is the good thing about having a crush. Most of the time, most crush are just crush nothing more, it could just be that you admire something so much in the other person. A crush of this kind might fade away with time,(as implied in the definition above)it is usually an infatuation that is short-lived. However, some crush might lead to more!!! It is at this point that it gets tricky.


It gets tricky because many make the mistake of thinking they are in love with the time other person when all they’ve got is just a crush. It doesn’t help when you see your crush almost everyday, every time and everywhere because the law of proximity will make you think you love the person. As good as a crush might be, crush is not love. If you mistaken crush for love, you might just get crushed!!!

On another note, do you know it is possible for your crush to have a crush on you??? Wow!! That is called imagination but seriously it is possible. Well, my crush has got a crush on me and it is not an imagination.

By the way, I have got a crush on…(winks)

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Dear Cordelia


10 comments on “I Have A Crush!!!

  1. I love the fact that you make crush a natural feeling. Some of the religious folks around make it sound like a sin. lol. When I have a crush, all I do is give it time and because it is a crush, it fades away. I know great relationships that started with a crush, but then, love is a choice, they thrive because they have made that choice. Great piece. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I had a couple of crush(es) while I was young. But for a while now, I’ve bin crush(less). Guys ave bin crushing on me instead,*winks* and I remember I once crushed on a female friend (special likeness). Absurd?


    • Lol!!! Lucky you then. Hmmm…having a crush on a female friend??? Well, I don’t think it is absurd. Just like you said, it is special likeness.


  3. Hmm, Oyinda is taking us to another level. She is speaking Freud.
    Sorry, I am just replying I thought I had replied ages ago.


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