Presidential Election: Change in Political Party or Personality?

It’s a beautiful Thursday, let us take a quick walk on the corridor of Politics and Opinions.

I couldn’t make any post throughout last week because of lack of power supply. I sincerely apologise for this (I hope my apology is accepted). I really hate it when I lag behind on my duties.

Let me now throw the dagger at the very heart of today’s discussion. Nigerians have spoken through their votes and their voices have earned Nigeria a new President-elect hopefully a new President by May 29. There is a case against him in court yet to be resolved and decided but that is by the way, point is we have a new President-elect.


Very funny!

My question however is:
What I want to know is whether Nigerians just wanted a change of political party bearing in mind that PDP has ruled for sixteen consecutive years. Could it be that we were just tired of PDP and just opted for the next strongest political party not caring who the candidate was? Would majority still have voted for APC even if they had presented a different candidate and not Major.Gen. Buhari?

On the other hand, did the majority vote based on the personality of the candidate not minding the political

party that presented him? Could it be that the majority voted for Buhari because of his personality? This means that his victory has nothing to do with his political party and if he had contested from another political party, majority would still have voted for him. This also means that probably if PDP had presented a different candidate, Nigerians would still have voted PDP.

Finally, can we call it a combination of both? That is, majority voted Buhari because they wanted a new ruling party and because they liked his personality?
I sincerely hope you will drop your comments and opinions, so that we can rob our minds together.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


11 comments on “Presidential Election: Change in Political Party or Personality?

  1. its the combination of the two, that’s why Nigerians vote APC vote Buhari…….and let us hope our vision 2020 start becoming reality from 2015…..,,,change is not all about party, it is you and I.. God bless Nigeria

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    • It is a collective work, GMB won’t perform magic. God bless us too. Thanks brother mi and welcome on board.


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