Your Caller Might Be GEJ.

Hello, sorry this post is coming late. It ought to have been posted on Thursday.

I have seen several campaign strategies but this one got my attention. The strategist surely deserves a raise.

PDP has been full of lots of drama since Nigerians started preparing for 2015 elections. Thanks to my dad, I have everyday access to The Punch Newspaper and you will be amazed at what these PDP campaign groups can advertise, same goes  with APC. They have given politics a new meaning and a new dimension. 2015 elections will be one election that Nigerians will not forget so quick. Oh! This election will be a historical landmark.

We all know that the presidential election is going to be the hottest. The campaign keeps getting hotter.
However, of all the stunts PDP campaign groups have pulled, this is the most ridiculous. I was sitting in my house when someone came visiting; we started gisting and after a while her phone rang and she picked it. I tried not to eavesdrop but she signalled to me to come closer. She placed the call on speaker and asked the caller to come again. This was what the caller said: good afternoon, we are from
Ascending Nigeria(real name withheld), a campaign group for Johnathan. We would like to implore you to please vote for Johnathan in the coming election. We really implore you to do so. Thank you.

The caller was not some computerised voice. I was  astonished. If I had not witnessed it I wouldn’t have believed it. The question is not even how the number was gotten because i can think of a thousand and one ways. I also got to know that several other people has received this ‘wake up call’ to vote for GEJ. How desperate will these people get? Now we have gotten to the stage where people are been called to vote for someone.

I was also fortunate to witness someone receive the call of some people who said they were from SDP’s campaign group in Oyo state. They also made the same plea that their governorship candidate in Oyo state be voted for.

At this juncture, don’t be surprised if the candidates themselves call your mobile, soliciting for your vote. One thing is sure, electorates need to be careful. We shouldn’t be swayed. Let your vote decide. There is a lot to be considered. We shouldn’t let these power-drunk politicians deceive us anymore. Let us be wise!!!

I am neither a pro-GEJ nor a pro-GMB or any other candidate.
I am not for or against any political party.
I am just a Nigerian who finds our political scene amusing.


Oyekan Oluwaseun O


2 comments on “Your Caller Might Be GEJ.

  1. Of course Oluwaseun, the political scene is as interesting as a seasonal film. I imagine how these people pick up nomination form and still claim they have no money? Another funny strategy is using president’s personal excerise as advert to depict his resilience. And I ask what’s my business with his excercise?


    • You are totally right namesake. The things they do just because of power has no end. Thanks for reading and dropping your comment.


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