Statutes Of General Application in Nigeria: What you might be missing.

Oyekan Oluwaseun Oyebimpe's Blog

My first experience with that legal jargon was in my first year in the faculty of law. That term can be a little difficult by the time you start worrying your pretty head as to what exactly is SOGA and how do you recognise that it is SOGA. The thought of all these is exhausting. So I have decided to put this up for you on SOGA.

With regards to Nigeria, SOGA refers to Statutes of General Application in force in England as at 1st January 1900. It is good to know that SOGA is one of the components of Received English Law. While we are still at the introductory part, let me make it clear that this date refers only to SOGA excluding Common Law and Equity. Though there has been lots of argument on this issue, that is not a discussion for today. Just understand that for academic…

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