Love In Ten Sentences

I came across a beautiful event going on among bloggers, thanks to this beautiful blogger TheOpenWindow- The event is ‘Love In Ten Sentences’. Ten lines of poem, each line(sentence) consisting of four words and each line must contain the word love. Followed by one of my favourite love quote.

Here I go,

Christ’s death is love
Love can be treasured
Love is surely divine
Lovers fight is love
Love is sometimes difficult
Silence can be love
Endurance can be love
Love is above all
Love conquers it all
Sharing is definitely love

And my quote by Aristotle
‘Love consists of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.’

So I am inviting the following beautiful bloggers to join in this event, other bloggers are also invited and please share. Let us share love.


Prodigy Ratiocination-


The Ninth Life-

Lord of Muse –

Here are the guidelines:
Title a post: Love in Ten Sentences
Use ten lines
Four words per line
Include the word love in each line
Add your favorite quote on love
List and contact (challenge?) five or more bloggers to share their thoughts on love.
Include links to their blog and instructions on how to participate.
Have fun sharing the love!

Love y’all

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


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