Wedding Jingles

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet – Plato

My friend finally decided to explore her writing ability(*so happy*), I have been pleading with her to do so for a long time.
Enjoy this lovely piece by FOLASIRE OLUWABUKOLA OMOYENI(Beekeh), don’t forget to like and comment.

It is beyond the thought of the white flowing ball gown, accessories and the diamond ring you are gonna have on that finger forever.

It is beyond the attention you will get that day, yea, family friends and loved ones would turn you into a super star smiling non stop to the flashlight of the cameras.


Source: weddingdigestnaija(Instagram)

It is beyond your mum’s desire for you to get married soon so she can also get the chance to pick Aso-Ebi for her friends; after all almost all her friends’ daughters are married.

It is beyond you thinking it is the answer to your long awaited chance of giving your ‘most precious gift’ to your boo since the Holy Bible says if you can’t hold on just get married.


Source: weddingdigestnaija(Instagram)

Its beyond the world of fantasy, yea, the world of fantasy and lovey-dovey

It all comes with some facts: discovering your purpose in life, knowing if he’s going to support that purpose and knowing what MARRIAGE is all about.

Girlfriend, its not an end to your problems, but if you make it that, you will be shocked.


Source: weddingdigestnaija(Instagram)

Thanks for reading 🙂

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


6 comments on “Wedding Jingles

  1. Very true! Marriage definitely is beyond all these things. Marriage is a one-way road that will take your entire lifetime to travel! Thanks for sharing and hope we’ll see more of your writing ability, you sure do write well!


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