Cab Driver Goes Executive!!!

Hello, it’s been a while, I finished my exams last week and I am so relieved. Law is not one easy course but I thank God. Your girl is now in LL.B QUARTER FINALS(so happy). Anyways, I just want to share with you what happened to me last week.

I entered this cab to Dugbe and I was so scared. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have entered this kind of cab(it looked weird) but my big sister wanted me home as soon as possible( if you know my sister then you’d understand better) and there was only this cab and one other cab going to my direction. The outside of the vehicle testifies that it is truly a commercial cab, with all the white paint and two lines of green paint round its body. The inside however disagrees, the driver was dressed like Chris Oyakilome; a red and white vertical stripped shirt with black trimmings at its wrist and almost brown suit. You won’t believe it, this man that calls himself a cab driver has a perfectly knotted tie far better than a bank executive. Oh my goodness!In this heat, a cab driver wearing a suit and here I am wearing a sleeveless blouse and I am still sweating. Nobody told me Nigerian cab drivers have gone executive.
Anyways, despite my fear I entered the cab and made a quick sign of the cross, times like this I remember I am a Catholic. My guess must be right, this driver has a very big Bible on his dash board probably king James version(I don’t know) and about three other big Bibles behind his back seat including one that says it is ‘ The International Bible Commentary’. Seriously this
man is a pastor; wearing a suit under this frying and smoking sun, sweating like a goat that is about to be slaughtered yet he didn’t remove the tie or the suit and with all the Bibles in his cab, I bet he has all the versions of the bible somewhere hidden in his cab. He is an executive pastor cab driver(if there is anything like that), after digesting everything I saw, my mind was totally at rest. What is the chance of this executive pastor cab driver being a kidnapper? Theoretically the chance is slim but to be sincere it is a fat possibility. It is election period in my dear country and it is part of the election trademark that people go missing. You never can know who is who among these drivers. Anyway, he that lives in me is greater than he who lives in the world… #lobatan(that’s all).
There are so many people going missing these days and one just need to be extra careful. I sat by the door, with this crazy thought in my head that I would open the vehicle in case anything goes wrong. Lol! I know that is a crazy thought, I doubt if I have the guts to jump down from a moving vehicle. I might just end up killing myself, in this dear country of mine, traffic signs are not obeyed and the motorcyclists are crazy. A million thoughts swarm in my head but I maintained a calm face like a boss (laughs).
I made it out safely and I was so happy and of course thankful to God. Each time I remember the funky driver, I just can’t help but smile. Maybe it’s not a bad idea after all if cab drivers go executive, not just in dressing but manners inclusive.

Have a nice idea!

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


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