Hello, it is Valentine’s day tomorrow and here are two contrasting opinions on the importance of this day. MO’  of writes on the importance of this celebration while PENNYSHALDRELICIOUS  of counters this. Please take your time and have fun!!!



Speaking on the history of this awesome celebration, legend has it that it started after St. Valentine healed his jailer’s daughter and rumour has it that he had previously addressed a letter to her  saying ‘your valentine’ also, according to legend,in order to remind soldiers and persecuted Christians of their vows and God’s love, Saint Valentine is said to have cut hearts from parchment, giving them to these soldiers and persecuted Christians and  this is probably the origin of the widespread use of hearts on saint valentine’s day.(culled from Wikipedia,, for more on its history,’s_Day)
  Valentine sure is a big deal… I mean words that start with the letter V are rare. Here goes my two cents:
We set days aside to celebrate the day we were born, the day we got married,  gave birth to our beautiful kids.  Those of us not married yet sometimes celebrate the day we started dating  so why  not celebrate love which is clearly the underlying factor of all these other celebrations . Valentine is about showing love although it might involve exchanging gifts note:exchange. It shoudn’t be a one way thing: you get,some churches organize love feasts to this end. INEC understands this as they had initially intended us to “exchange gifts” ;we give our votes and in turn we get  good governance but Saint Valentine must have turned in his grave, obviously he didn’t see them as our lovers worthy of sharing gifts with us  so he had appeared to the top officials and flogged them to move their election forward.
Some guys were excited when election was slated for February14th… and I do not understand why,I mean the sermon some of these guys preach is that every day should be lovers day, I agree but why get so excited that you wouldn’t be celebrating this love on lovers day? Since you have been celebrating this love since January 1st till February 13th why shouldn’t you celebrate it on feb 14th and add just a little spice since it’s a day set aside just for you and your lover. We don’t  complain about celebrating mother’s day or father’s day… so what is the fuss about not celebrating lovers day? Remember there is nothing like wifes day or girlfriends day or husband day.  Besides how many hours does it take to vote (school me on this please) I’m sure you wont sleep  at the voting centre so can’t you chop suya after the voting exercise and drink peak milk at home(peak milk is more expensive than some drinks just so you know)
You see my initial paragraph talked about guys showing love to girls, we girls also show you love in return we go out with you, its not as if we don’t get you gifts so I don’t get why anyone shouldn’t look forward to this special day that the Lord has made.
See, I agree that everyday should  be  lovers day  but let us admit it, sometimes we forget to do all those little things that show we care… so making a day the lovers’ day gives your partner something to look forward to… I mean it shouldn’t be just that once but believe me nobody asks what you did for your partner on the 4th of March or 12th of August  but you sure get the question “what did you and your boo do last year’s val or where did you go on February 14th” and if it was a fun day…I bet you’d be proud to tell. Its not about doing big things..its about showing that one person you claim to love(all of una wey get more than one boo..i no sabi oo).. you might not have the money to get him/her a very expensive gift in the world but some little acts like sending her all those romantic messages(message me if u need some), roses.. you could get cake for as low as 1500 naira and you people could just hang out and ermm….. you decide what follows..
On a lighter mood, you are not expected to show love only to your spouse/partner.. since the major defence is that you show love to your spouse everyday then change your plan, you can show love to some one on your street,workplace, coursemate, animals e.t.c.Show love to that goat on your street… pour out the remaining food you cook tomorrow and if una no get goats for una street, I’ll drop my account number so you’ll send money for me to help you buy food for the plenrry goats on my street.
Love I mean real love…the kind that should be called love ought to be celebrated… I do not see why anyone should not want to… if you are truly in love… then show some love to your partner tomorrow… it doesn’t hurt a me.
Be safe.


Seriously, I don’t get it, everyone is making a big deal out of this Valentine thing. Okay, initially my dear country Nigeria decided to have their presidential election on the 14th of February, and everyone was making a big fuss out of it. Many were so sad, because for security purposes movement won’t be so easy but then I don’t care. However, on the contrary many cared, so many pictures on BBM, Facebook, whatsapp and the likes. Guys were glad that Valentine was kinda cancelled this year, especially if you are the kind that is living in Lagos and your girl stays in Ibadan, ordinarily you would have travelled from Lagos to Ibadan to take her out for Valentine’s day but with election on that same day, you don’t need to travel again.  Election is an excuse and she  has no option. On the ladies side, this was a big bad news.  Many were already waiting for that romantic gift, that spectacular present, some were even dreaming iPad 16(if there is anything like that) but then I don’t care.

However, there was a reversal of role when the presidential election was moved from February 14. The party moved to the ladies camp and the funeral to the guys hood. Some guys had already spent the money for the Valentine, many didn’t even budget for it, and there is no longer any excuse. Bullshit if you ask me. If the girl doesn’t believe you love her until you get her a Valentine’s day gift then let her go, if she won’t say yes to you unless you take her out on Valentine’s day then  guy you never reach your bus stop.
The whole Valentine thing is a waste of time, money and resources. Hey, don’t get me wrong, no hard feelings here, it is nothing personal. I just don’t share in your fantasy. I’d rather spend that day in an orphanage home.There is no big deal, these guys take you out like everyday and show you love(for those in the right relationship). Many girls do ridiculous things on valentine’s day. Many teenagers lose their virginity on this day(don’t ask me where I got my statistics, that is not the point), the guys insist that it’s lovers day and that the girl can only show she loves them by sleeping with them( that is so lame).

Here is what I think about the whole thing, it is a way by which girls exhaust money from guys: ladies expect their guys to go out of their way to please them, just because he didn’t get you anything doesn’t mean you are his side chick. As for the guys, it is time to get down to her skirts, no hard feelings but I have seen so many guys talk like these. They are ready to get the girl heaven and earth, just to get her to say yes and get down to her skirts. This is why I have concluded that both sides are actually playing these game. Many relationships end right after Valentine, right after each side has got what they wanted. The guys start making excuse, they suddenly become busy and won’t even pick your call.  By November we start seeing the results of Valentine’s day( if you know what i am saying… nine months something).
I am not into these lovey dovey mushy thing, let us all get real and wise up. If a guy loves you, let him prove it to you every second not only on the 14th and if the feeling is mutual, do the same and if not don’t wait till after 14th before you tell him. If  he/she  is waiting to show love to you only on Valentine’s day then he/she must be out of his/her f**king mind. Wise up!!!

Thanks for reading, we appreciate you. You have been presented with two contrasting views, the choice is yours and please do drop your comments. Love ya plenty!!!.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


Cab Driver Goes Executive!!!

Hello, it’s been a while, I finished my exams last week and I am so relieved. Law is not one easy course but I thank God. Your girl is now in LL.B QUARTER FINALS(so happy). Anyways, I just want to share with you what happened to me last week.

I entered this cab to Dugbe and I was so scared. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have entered this kind of cab(it looked weird) but my big sister wanted me home as soon as possible( if you know my sister then you’d understand better) and there was only this cab and one other cab going to my direction. The outside of the vehicle testifies that it is truly a commercial cab, with all the white paint and two lines of green paint round its body. The inside however disagrees, the driver was dressed like Chris Oyakilome; a red and white vertical stripped shirt with black trimmings at its wrist and almost brown suit. You won’t believe it, this man that calls himself a cab driver has a perfectly knotted tie far better than a bank executive. Oh my goodness!In this heat, a cab driver wearing a suit and here I am wearing a sleeveless blouse and I am still sweating. Nobody told me Nigerian cab drivers have gone executive.
Anyways, despite my fear I entered the cab and made a quick sign of the cross, times like this I remember I am a Catholic. My guess must be right, this driver has a very big Bible on his dash board probably king James version(I don’t know) and about three other big Bibles behind his back seat including one that says it is ‘ The International Bible Commentary’. Seriously this
man is a pastor; wearing a suit under this frying and smoking sun, sweating like a goat that is about to be slaughtered yet he didn’t remove the tie or the suit and with all the Bibles in his cab, I bet he has all the versions of the bible somewhere hidden in his cab. He is an executive pastor cab driver(if there is anything like that), after digesting everything I saw, my mind was totally at rest. What is the chance of this executive pastor cab driver being a kidnapper? Theoretically the chance is slim but to be sincere it is a fat possibility. It is election period in my dear country and it is part of the election trademark that people go missing. You never can know who is who among these drivers. Anyway, he that lives in me is greater than he who lives in the world… #lobatan(that’s all).
There are so many people going missing these days and one just need to be extra careful. I sat by the door, with this crazy thought in my head that I would open the vehicle in case anything goes wrong. Lol! I know that is a crazy thought, I doubt if I have the guts to jump down from a moving vehicle. I might just end up killing myself, in this dear country of mine, traffic signs are not obeyed and the motorcyclists are crazy. A million thoughts swarm in my head but I maintained a calm face like a boss (laughs).
I made it out safely and I was so happy and of course thankful to God. Each time I remember the funky driver, I just can’t help but smile. Maybe it’s not a bad idea after all if cab drivers go executive, not just in dressing but manners inclusive.

Have a nice idea!

Oyekan Oluwaseun O