Baga Massacre: Power over Humanity

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on politics and happenings around Nigeria. It is not lack of interest, it is because I am so irritated by what is happening on the political scene. I am so irritated that it makes me feel nauseated. However, the Baga massive destruction has outweighed my irritation.

The Chibok girls are still missing and it’s like ‘they’ don’t give a dime, all that concerns them is the upcoming election. ‘They’ are so jobless that all they do is exchange insults like children without manners. Oh, their speech full of lies, depicting their callousness and selfishness makes me want to scream. In spite of all these, I just looked on.

However, the Baga killing has stirred something far greater than irritation and anger in me. This feeling I still don’t know how to describe but immediately I heard ‘them’ talk about whether elections would hold in this community and other affected areas, this feeling erupted in me. Seriously, this people must be power insane. Oh, they have traded humanity for power, what a shame! We are talking about lost lives and destroyed properties, displaced people and many injured. Many of these people will never recover from these and all they can think about is election.

‘They’ claim the dead are not up to 2000 as reported, ‘they’ reported that only about 150 were killed. This report makes me want to slap them hard and bring them out of their wickedness or bring the wickedness out of them (whichever works); whether it is 2000 or 150 these people are dead. Their own leaders have failed them and are still failing them.

I am going out of my mind here, I don’t even want to think about these things. ‘They’ said children are the future of this country, yet the children are now used as suicide bombers. This is heart breaking and killing. This feeling was captured by Olamide Adeosun on

We celebrated our fallen heroes about two days ago, while we salute the sacrifice they had made, we should help those alive not to be killed unnecessary. These people swore to defend us with their lives, let us not take this for granted. Where war can be avoided, let us avoid it and let them live. Their pledge shouldn’t be taken for granted, these soldiers have families. Lots of soldiers have lost their lives to these insurgency. Please let us let them live. Stop taking advantage of their courage.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O