I was told of a woman
A very distinct woman
‘Fresh like morning dew’,they said
As pious as a pope
This woman they said had values

I was told of a woman
Contrast to the one I know
She existed a long time ago
Before she was supplanted.

I was told of a woman
Whose beauty was smashing
Her beauty they said was about how much she covered
When she talks wise heads turn
Just to hear her speak

This woman however seem not to exist
As I have searched for her
Across seven mountains and valleys
The only woman I see
Is a woman whose beauty
Lies in how much she exposes
Only wanton and lustful heads turn when she talks
The heads of the wise only shake in pity.

I asked if this was the same woman
The very one I was told of
But the elders seem to disagree among themselves
Some said that woman was dead
Some said she never existed
A few said she was supplanted
I became more confused

A very quiet elder
Seeing my confusion called me
He told that the woman I was told of
Is also the one I know
He explained to me
How she became gullible
Got carried away by aliens
And shed all her virtues
Just to take up new vices.

I bowed my head in sorrow
And wept for the woman
The foolishness of the woman
The woman I was told of.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


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