I wonder what it is like to be President
Not the President of market women and men
Not the President of my fellowship
But the President of a whole nation.
Seriously, it must really be a swelling pride
To have everyone at your beck and call
It must really be an overwhelming position
I really can not fully appreciate it’s importance
After all, I have never been one
I am just a distant yet near on-looker.
Indisputably, being a President is sweet
If I was one, I’d wake up in the morning
Stand before a mighty Mirror
Then I’d ask the mighty Mirror,
‘Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, who is head of them all?’
And my mighty Mirror will reply,
‘I have looked from the North, through the West and East down to the South and I have found out that , you are the head of them all’
And with satisfaction, I’d smile at myself.

But I am not a President
Not that I want to be one.
But there is one I am interested in
The one who added another year yesterday
That very one who is a day older today
It must have been all fun and celebration
Another year on the earth
And as the President of a big nation
The goodwill messages must have been rolling in
Lots of gifts must have walked in
Indeed few wines as cheap as the cost of Ferrari must have been popped.
You really deserve it
Who cares whether the girls are still missing
Or are you expected to leave Patience just to go and bring them back
After all, you are not their father
Neither did you send them to school that ill fated morning.
Should the fact that few young boys were burnt in their hostel deter you from popping champagne
Or that more people are being turned to barbecue everyday be your business
After all, you are trying your best to negotiate with their assailants.
Seriously, it seems being a President is so great
You don’t have to worry about the depleted state of education
Your worry is all about how to continue to be in the post.
And what other way is best to celebrate
If not by allowing the legislatures explore their potential in high jump and climbing
And creating brouhaha using the Black and Blue uniforms as an instrument of chaos
Yesterday sir, your birthday can never be forgotten
A friend of mine got his swell
He called his feelings, ‘a pastiche of extreme feelings’
I couldn’t have agreed less.
And in the words of a concerned fellow
‘May this birthday be the best you’ve ever had and may it be your last as the President of this nation’

Happy Birthday Mr. President!!!

Oyekan Oluwaseun O

Oyekan Oluwaseun O



I posted the first part of legal writing yesterday and it dealt with the introductory part. Just as promised, this is the second part.

Just as I said yesterday, many people think they can write just the way they think or talk. As a result of this, they don’t see any reason why they should learn the art of writing.
In any piece of writing, their are quite a number of steps to follow. The steps may differ from one author to another, but the result should be the same, that is, having a beautiful essay.
~~Choosing a topic
It is really important to have a topic, this will serve as a direction as to what you want to write on. It may be that you are given a topic or you have to find one. Once you have your topic, the next task is how to develop the topic. No matter how easy or simple the topic is, don’t rush into it, you must give it careful consideration. Try to see how you will present the essay and pass information to your readers. If you need to do a little research on the topic, then you should.
~~Preliminary Reading
Most times there is need for one to do a little research on one’s topic especially if it not an essay that is class work. At this stage, you are required to read more on the topic, that way you are adding to what you already know. Read the right materials that are relevant to the topic you want to write on, avoid reading just any material you see.
~~Identifying the Basic Question
So as to write well, you must raise several questions on the topic. Questions like how? when? where? why? who? and other questions that can help you delve deeply into the topic. After you have done this, you need to identify the most basic question, the foundational question to the topic.
~~Turning your questions to answers
At this stage, the questions earlier raised should be answered.
~~Prepare the Outline
An outline helps to give you focus and helps you to organize your thoughts and answers. It is like a plan of how your essay will look like.

~~Testing your writing
Put all your research into writing, write, rewrite, rethink, revise and rearrange until you are sure your essay is at its best. You can write as many times as possible until you have an impeccable essay. Let your essay be clear and not clumsy. Make sure your essay is credible, current and be sure you are passing the right information. You can give your essay to someone who is better than you, to help you review it and don’t be scared of criticism. All it does is to make you better. Ensure you complete your work within the stipulated time.

You don’t want to give your reader a bad impression. So your introductory paragraph must be captivating , you should take it serious.
Please avoid plagiarism, let your writing reflect you. It should be original, it should be about your views and ideas.
Avoid clumsy essay. Your essay should be clear, you must use your punctuations well.
Try to be as concise as possible.
Avoid misguiding your reader, be as accurate.
Words are tools of trade in the legal profession, so you must ensure good grammatical expression. Dot your ‘i’s’ and cross your ‘t’s’. Use capital letters where necessary.
Organization is important. Your paragraphs should present your ideas in organized manner. Ideas from one paragraph should not run into another paragraph containing a different idea.
And finally, your conclusion should be as good as your introduction.

That will be all for today. The third and last part on Legal Writing will be posted tomorrow. Thanks 🙂

Abiola Sanni’s Introduction to Nigerian Legal Method.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


I received a message from one of my readers asking me to write on Legal Writing. So, I will be taking this topic in 3 parts. The parts will be taken in three consecutive days.

How possible is it to separate the legal profession and writing? It is totally impossible. Writing is totally important to law just as advocacy is. In fact, in my view writing is much more important. A lawyer will need to write his briefs and do a lot of legal drafting; he might be called upon to draft a contractual agreement and a small mistake as using ‘a’ instead of ‘the’ might mess up the whole agreement.
Writing is a means of expression just as talking , only that this time it is in lettered prints. Unlike when talking ,where one can control the rise and fall of one’s tone, gesticulate and sometimes use facial expressions just to drive home one’s point, there is nothing of such in writing. It is either you are good in your use of English or you fail totally to drive home your opinions. As a result of this, an intending lawyer must go through proper training to have the skill of good writing. It requires lots of training along with patience since no one is automatically born with the ability to write. Like my Editor-in-chief will always tell us, you don’t write the way you think.
Essay is just an aspect of legal writing. An essay is a piece if writing on a given subject, it is not so short and not necessarily too long. It is a literary work where the writer expresses his opinions on a particular field. What is most important is how he presents his opinions, that is, the clarity and arrangement of ideas.
Types of essay:
Descriptive Essay: A type of essay in which the writer tries to give a vivid account of something by using distinctive qualities of that subject to drive home his opinion.
Narrative Essay: It takes the form of presentation of details about events in the order in which they occurred. It is the chronological presentation of an event.
Expository Essay: One has to be careful so as not to confuse a descriptive essay and an expository essay. Expository essay is usually written to expound more on a topic or a field. It is written to clarify, explain and sometimes bring new information to its readers.
Argumentative Essay: A writer tends to support or oppose a position. He takes a stand and tries to persuade the reader to support or accept his view. Lawyers prepare briefs of argument.
It is important to note that, the above essay types may overlap. An essay might require a little argument, description, exposition and narration. As a result of this one must be well versed in all the types.

I hope this helps 🙂
I will be posting the second part tomorrow. It will be dealing with METHODS IN ESSAY WRITING.
Please drop your comments and questions:)

Abiola Sanni’s Introduction to Nigerian Legal Method.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O