Missing In Action (MIA)!!!

It’s been a pretty long time. You must have thought have gone missing, since these days, things seems to be getting missing and it seems like it is the trend.
  I have not gone missing, just lazy. A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend on BlackBerry Messenger  and in the course of the chat, we started talking about the rate at which things are going missing these days all over the world, with little or no traces. We first talked about the missing passenger ship of South Korea that carried over 300 passengers around April 16. However, after about hundred days more bodies have been recovered and according to http://www.foxnews.com as at July only about ten bodies were still missing.
Nigeria’s missing Chibok girls are still very much missing and it’s been six months now(180days). One can’t even imagine how much pains they must be going through and the heartache their parents and families are also going through. A friend was telling me that the girls would soon be forgotten now. The thought of it is heart wrenching but with the way things are going it seems so. The clamour for #bringbackourgirls is reducing and everyone seems to be more concerned about the coming election. It is really a pity!
I am sure we all still remember the missing Malaysian aircraft MH370, is still very much missing for months now and efforts are still been made to find the plane and its passengers. Only God knows where they are, how can a whole aircraft with passengers just disappear like that! I remember someone humorously suggested that maybe they are in another part of the universe, like somewhere different from the earth and are now with aliens. I really wish that was the case, but in a recent report, it was reported that they are probably dead.
Seriously, there are many cases of missing things and lives these days and it is disheartening. I really don’t know who or what to blame.I just hope they are all found and that we also don’t go missing. Don’t think this does not concern you, it concerns everyone. At this juncture, I hope I don’t go MIA. Love to hear from you!!!

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


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