Judiciary V Executive: Justice Adeyeye and Fayose

If you didn’t read my post titled ‘
2015 ELECTION: Balanced Diet or Nothing’, then you must have missed the part where I said election period is the most interesting period in Nigeria for me. Nothing beats the excitement, our so called responsible elders become thugs at the slightest provocation and the beast in them comes out. I recall asking you to sell your liberty and vote to the right people.
  With the humorous and yet sad event unfolding in Nigeria, particularly Ekiti state, then those that ‘voted’ for ‘His High and Mighty Ayo Fayose'(for that is what he must be feeling like now) must by now be wondering if they did the right thing. Seriously, I am baffled or is it just me? Are we still in the democratic days or we have relapsed to the military age? What on earth was Fayose thinking by behaving and acting in a rude manner and watching while his minions pounced on the Judge ? The most amazing thing is that, they beat him right in his own court room, can imagine that? Is the sacred and hallowed temple of justice now a boxing ring or a playground for Fayose and his emissaries?
Personally, I have always had reservations about him especially since the day I was fortunate to watch one of his campaigns. When did the abode of justice become a place for them to bring in their executive and political lawlessness and recklessness?
I feel so infuriated and I am pained, but let us see what will come out of it. Will Fayose go scot free? Let us see where this drama will end…
It is now clear that the total independence of the judiciary is now of great necessity.
Speaking of Fayose, Fayose’s aide – Mr. Omolafe Aderiye was reported to have been shot dead by unknown gunmen. Report says he was present at the court when Justice Adeyeye received the beating of his life. Late Omolafe was a former chairman of NURTW in Ekiti state. Seriously…where will this drama in Ekiti end?
Please drop your comments, I love to hear from you.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


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