LINDA IKEJI: The Lessons Behind The Blessings.

So I was debating on whether to write about Linda Ikeji( yeah, that blogger you know) or not but thanks to my Bukky(my friend) she helped me decide and of course she is Linda’s greatest fan(lol)…
It is no news that Linda just bought her 24 million naira 2014 Range Rover, that is indeed a big one and I congratulate her. However, you need to see the comments on her blog, over three thousand comments and over two thousand people that commented said they want to be like her… This is exactly what struck me, not that it is a bad thing that they want to be like her. The question is do they really want to go through all she went through or they just want to wake up one morning and find themselves in the latest ride in town?


Linda and her Range Rover

  Linda Ikeji has been blogging every single day for eight years. Do you know that means 8*365days(2,920days)? Trust me it wasn’t overnight , it took her that long to be where she is now, to be where everyone want to be like her, to be where everyone is ‘proud of her’. Whatever you want to do, you need to be committed to it, give it all your best dear, a real and good success story takes quite a long time.

Linda Ikeji doesn’t let negative critics deter her, she sees them as building bricks in building her goals. Until a month ago, I was not a Lindaikeji’s blog reader unlike Bukky and most of you, but in the past month, I have seen hundreds of annoying comments, insults, abuses, rude comments by her readers directed personally at her. I told myself, ‘why on earth does she approve all these comments and make them visible?’ But today, I think I know why. Just like  Abdullahi Muhammad (a blogger) once wrote, he said all criticisms should be welcomed. That is exactly what makes blogging more fun, it is definitely not easy to welcome insults and destructive criticisms but I guess Linda has come to outgrow it. She doesn’t let it get to her, she sees it as stepping stones. Take what you need and thrash the rest. In life, whether you are a blogger or not, people will definitely throw stones of destructive comments at you, don’t let it get to you, they are part of your success story.

Finally, whatever you do, you need your parents’ blessings. From Linda’s post today, she talked about how she waited till her  dad gave her a go ahead. Seriously, you need your parents’ blessings in whatever you do. It is everyone’s prayer that we should be greater than our parents but bear it in mind that no matter how great you are, that woman who gave birth to you and that man who provided for your needs remains your god, honour them.
Just so you know, Linda built a house for her parents(Bukky gave me that information) even before buying her own. Treasure your parents.


On a final note, whatever you are doing dearies, do it well and be dedicated to it. The road won’t be easy or smooth, but keep your eyes on your goal. See you in greater heights.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


3 comments on “LINDA IKEJI: The Lessons Behind The Blessings.

  1. The problem of our youth concerning money
    stems from this societal misthink that your purse
    determines your plus in the society. If you’re
    rich you’re better off which to me is unfounded .
    I believe wealth is exaggerated. Contentment is
    the key. Unfortunately, most people don’t want
    to be poor or work hard to be be rich


    • Contentment and fulfillment, ought to be the aim. I agree with you, people are no longer after that, their focus is on money. Even with that, they don’t want to work for it.


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