2015 Election: Balanced Diet or Nothing!

Hello there, it is a nice morning here. Examinations are here but I just can’t leave you hanging, so, before going to bed I decided to tell you one of my thoughts(giggles). It will take just two minutes of your time and of course drop your comments, I love to hear from you.

   I don’t know about you, but for me, election period is the most interesting time in Nigeria, asides from when our experienced and matured law makers are throwing chairs or breaking heads in their hallowed chambers. Election period is a festive period, lots of sharing of our stolen wealth by the incumbents and lots of investments by the might-bes’.
Another interesting part is when they start spreading their smelling and smelly linens in public, at this part, we get to know who went to school in Harvard and those that wished they did, so much that they unknowingly included it in their educational background. Seriously, nothing beats the excitement of election period.

  However, as interesting and amusing as I find the way they open their cupboards full of skeletons publicly and shamelessly, I am more interested in the way they share items especially food items (smiles). This might be because I personally have high taste in food.

  Our political aspirants become thoughtful when election is knocking. Their eyes become open to peoples poverty and they suddenly want to make them robust, so much that they start sharing food items. Do I smell an average politically minded person asking me what is wrong about that? Actually, there is nothing wrong with that, but my question is, “why not give out balance diet?”  If they must share food items, they should make it a balanced diet. If they must share Ajumose bag of rice, they should put with it Ajumose fish, Ajumose salt, Ajumose Palm-oil etc. After all, they want us to be robust before election so that we can have stamina to vote for them. I insist and I know you agree(winks) that a bag of wheat without soup ingredients is nothing!

  Our freedom has become so meaningless that they think ‘one shirt’ can buy it, I insist, if they must give you one shirt, a trouser or skirt and a shoe should be part if the package. Do they expect you to go half dressed to the polling booth to vote?

They say it is not bribe, neither have I said anything on the contrary nor called it one. It is just an act of remembrance so that they can be remembered on the election day. As for those collecting food items and unknowingly selling their freedom at the same time , I am not going to blame you, but please I just want to
remind you that even if your libe
rty is so meaningless that food items can buy it, at least collect a balanced food items. After all, if you are selling your liberty, you shouldn’t get diabetes in return!

Thanks for reading through. Just take a few seconds and comment or at least like it! Will definitely reply your comments ASAP as long as I am not in the exam hall. Ciao!!!

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


4 comments on “2015 Election: Balanced Diet or Nothing!

  1. Well you are right but I don’t think they can do such coz they wud wanna buy dia way in wif fake promises and when dey get there they forget everything……..


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