Law As A Conservative Profession: What You Might Not Know About Your Profession.

If you are thinking of being a lawyer and you are the type that finds it difficult to abide by rules, then you might want to reconsider. It could be that you are the type that likes to question stuffs and seeks to get definite answers, then I must tell you that you are in for a big surprise.
  Law as a discipline refers to law in the professional sense. It is not disputable, the fact that Law is a professional discipline and this is why it differs from other vocations . Bear it in mind, that the profession is an aged one. Law didn’t originally start as a profession, in fact, it was just a kind of friendly help that you give to your friend who needs to be represented. During this period, it was not a moneymaking ‘job’. The first lawyers were just orators in Old Athens. However, things changed in the Ancient Rome when Emperor Claudius legalised the profession and the ban on fee was removed and lawyers could practice publicly and openly, this made the Roman orators, what we can call the first lawyers, though they were trained not in law but rhetoric and so were their judges.

Rome soon developed a class of specialist who were learned in law known as jurisconsult (iuris consulti). By the fourth century things had changed and they now had to be enrolled in bar, hence at this period, we had what we could actually refer to as lawyers. The profession has undergone many stages, one of such was the collapse on the profession at the onset of the Dark Ages. The return of the legal profession was marked with great changes, lawyers were now placed under oath and statutes were enacted to discipline erring lawyers as at 1275. England also contributed to professionalising of the profession.

I hate to bore you, but that insight into the profession was necessary and as lawyers, law students or potential law students, reading should be one of our strengths. So, we can see that the profession is not something of the 19th century, it dates back to 3rd century in Athens and 4th century in Rome, so you see why it is difficult to change some traditions and practices in the profession.
Court dress, is one of such practices, so you see why you can’t get to complain about wearing black and white , black and black or robe and wig as the case maybe, depending in your level in the profession. Court dress dates back to 1660 in England, so dearies, if you think you are not comfortable wearing ‘uniform all you life’, you might want to start having a change of heart or try changing a practice of about 354years and see if you can successfully do that. There has been many controversies as regards this strictness on dressing, but let us not forget that Britain is a conservative country and they value traditions. This might account for why this is so and no serious step has been taken to change this aged tradition.
Wow, I think we now know to an extent, why things are the way they are in the profession. It is noteworthy, to know that the profession is that of dignity and respect. You should really be proud to be a member or member-to-be as the case maybe, we all belong to a profession as old as thousands of years not a novel profession. Hence, let us from today, wear our black and white with pride and when we become lawyers, our wig and gown with confidence.

Bearing in mind at all times that…fiat justitia ruat coelum (let there be justice even if heaven will fall).

Sources that helped in the compilation of this article:
and wishes you a pleasant day.

Oyekan Oluwaseun O


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