One of the elements of a truly democratic government is free and fair election because this is the only way by which the interests of the people can be protected and their voices heard. It is a popular saying that, ‘the voice of the people is the voice of God’, hence in any democratic government, free and fair election is an important exercise.

Nigeria is a sovereign and democratic country, the country is however faced with the issue on being able to conduct a free and fair election. Most Nigerians, especially the Westerners believe that the only free and fair election Nigeria ever had was that of June 12, 1993 that was said to have had Moshood Kashimawo Olawale of blessed memory as the winner, but the election was nullified by the then military head of state- Gen. Ibrahim Babaginda, and since then the country has been struggling with conducting a free and fair election.

On this note, Ekiti state 2014 gubernatorial election can be described as that which was devoid of violence and thuggery. This I want to believe is a sign of improvement and integrity on the part of the Independence National Electoral Commission, the election might not necessary be the fairest election, it is however no doubt that it is a sign of hope for Nigeria and Nigerians. It is a sign that Nigeria has not kissed free and fair election goodbye.

It is also noteworthy to bring to our attention the acceptance of Kayode Fayemi- the incumbent governor of Ekiti state, as regards the result of the election. He admitted that the result of the election which declared Ayo Peter Fayose as the governor elect is the voice of the people. Fayemi’s quiet acceptance has been declared by many as heroic, at least court is saved from another post election ‘drama’.

In conclusion, it is therefore not wrong to say that the country is gradually becoming more politically oriented. Nigeria is on her way to conducting free and fair elections in subsequent election exercises. We can therefore that in 2015, our election exercises will be devoid of violence, thuggery and riots.

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Come pumpkins,
Sit down and listen well
There is this art that I love
Typsyjaja has his own art
He loves it when he handles his brush
The brush is his slave
It dances to do his bid.
Typsyjaja has his art so do I.
Let me tell you of my own art
Let it boil like the sea did
When Grendel dragged his mutilated body
Body into the sea.
Reduce the water
Let the fine dust feel its anger
Turn it gently but firmly
You might have to
Bring it down for a while
Continue your turning
Like the way Typsyjaja will do
When trying to make a forceful birth of
Let it feel the anger once more
And the fine dust if need be
Make a serious mixture
You need to see the joy
That flows through my heart
When my art is done
And ready to be devoured
This my art I love.
Typsyjaja’s art is fine art
Mine is the art of making Amala.

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