Between Omawumi and Yemi Alade

Omawumi and Yemi Alade, what is the link? These two have become household names, though females, they are really making it in the music industry. Their fans range totally from males to females, old to young. However, asides from these facts, there are other striking similarities between them. Anyone listening to Yemi Alade’s hit track Johnny for the first time will think it is Omawumi singing, not that there voices are identical but their choice of song and music are. Many have suggested that they should do a track together, others are of the opinion that Yemi Alade should feature Omawumi in Johnny’s remix, if there will be one. Though few are insisting that there is no such similarity.
In an interview with Hip Pop World, Yemi Alade disclosed that Omawumi is the only female that makes her want to step up her game, Yemi adores Omawumi.
It doesn’t matter whether you agree that this two have many things in common, it is indisputable that they can be look up to, Omawumi is a Law graduate from Ambrose Ali University and Yemi Alade is a Geography graduate from University of Lagos.
Seriously, I really can’t wait for the duo to do a track together.
Have a nice week.

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