What Happens in Reality

‘One, two, three’, fingers snapped I woke up from my fairy tale world, this is what happens when Disney Junior is your best channel or Nickoledon, but seriously I must have been living in a fairy world.
Naturally, when I read Buchi Emecheta’s ‘Joys of Motherhood’ I hated the book, because i felt that Nnu Ego wasn’t suppose to have that kind of end, I expected that after her ordeal, she was going to live the happy after life but Buchi denied her, Buchi suffered her and all her effort came to nought, I viewed Buchi as Nnu Ego’s creator, a wicked one, didn’t anyone tell Buchi that after bad things good things must come?
However, a lot of events has proved me wrong, realities of life that is what I call them. In my fairy world, a boy who suffers misfortune right from birth, turbulent adolescence and manages to overcome is suppose to be rewarded with success, but in reality, the suffering never stops till he eventually dies. In my fairy world, after going to school and making a great success, you are expected to start working in a big company or something, making it big, taking care of your parents and other dependants but I soon discovered that in reality, making good grades out of school doesn’t mean an end to your pains, in fact, that might actually be the beginning and the parents that you ought to take care of will still be the ones taking care of you.
In my fairy world, a wicked person doesn’t live long, after a while nemesis catches up and he dies regretting how he has lived, however, it dawn on me that being a wicked person doesn’t mean nemesis will catch up with you, wicked people live long and many die without regret while the righteous ones live a brief life full of pains. Seriously, a mother who suffers because of her kids and they eventually made it ought to be rewarded but in reality there are many mothers like that whose kids had totally forgotten and neglected while the mother who prefers to spend her money on Mary Kay’s products rather than education is enjoying the fruits of no labour.
Someone who dedicates her life to the cause of the needy and poor doesn’t die of diseases and illness in my fairy world but in this harsh world, such person dies of even a simple headache while the oppressors refuses to get sick not to talk of die.

I have now come to an understanding that being good doesn’t mean a good life and a good end likewise being bad. Life can throw anything at you regardless of whether you deserve it or not.

One, two, three,wake up !!! Pretty Sunday to y’all.

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