The Bard War

Holla, a quick thanks to all those who commented on Vivian’s ‘Someday’…I do hope you will love this even more….

That time,that year
The herdsmen left their cattle
To the care of hunger
Took up bullets to battle
For their brother’s blood
At the bidding of a stranger.
Mother saw it,father saw it
I was not there

Same time,that year
The traders left their wares
To the security of robbers,
Took up machetes to war
For their brother’s heads
On account of the white faces
Mother saw it,father saw it
I was not there

Children of dead men
Littered desolate homes on empty stomachs
And bodies that were wash free
A thousand dead kids a day
Two thousand set to go same way
Another desires death’s pawn
Mother saw it,father saw it
I was not there

A soldier draped in national colours
Met a widow woman
Called her attention to his rifle
Beat her resistance to nought
Ordered her legs apart
And defiled her there while her hungry son stared two feet away
Mother saw it,father saw it
I was not there

A black soldier,dressed in country colours
Ordered his way through a widow woman
And defiled her pride
And defiled his country
While her young child lay dead from hunger two feet away
That time, that year
I was not there

Another time
Another year
Another era
Father had long gone
Mother accompanied him there
I stood lean in a battle line
Uniform in hand, jack-boots before me
I and other conscripts
A herd of thin to-be soldiers.

Meet the poet:
“Killah priest” born Richard Ugochukwu Anyah is an undergraduate student at the University of Ibadan where he majors in Geography. He writes poetry as a hobby and is influenced by the supernatural. He enjoys Rap music and its influence can be found in the structure of his poems.

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One comment on “The Bard War

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