With tears in my eyes I wish for someday
Mum tells me about someday
And I just can’t wait for it
Dad suffers and toils today cos
He believes in someday
Big sister tells me to wipe my tears cos someday is coming
The uncertainty of the future
Darkens my bright picture of someday.

When we will no longer have worries
When we will think no more
When my eyes will become tear-less
When my dreams are right in front of me
When I no longer remember what hunger feels like

But then,I look around me
Dad’s still toiling
Mum’s still smiling in the midst of hardship
Big sister is trying to make something good out of school
Boys and girls are suffering and smiling
So unconscious I didn’t even notice the tears fall from my eyes.

I weep!!!
For someday is just an illusion
I’ll rather live in the struggles
And survival of this day
Than hope for a SOMEDAY
That would never come…

Ejezie Vivian is an undergraduate student at the University of Ibadan where she majors in History. Writing is one of her hobbies and she gets inspiration from happenings in the society…

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The thought of holiday means less work. I thought I was going to have more time for my baby(my blog) but since I got home, I have been so busy that my blog got neglected.
However, I guess it is time to get started again… this period when Nigeria is faced with many unstoppable tragic events…at least the little we can do is never to let our pen which is our sword go blunt…let not our voice of REVOLUTION and REFORMATION go on leave like Reuben Abatis’…even if they take our lives, they can never take our soul, let us all send our souls on an errand of REVOLUTION.

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