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A great morning here in University of Ibadan, how is the morning over there? All thanks to providence for making us see this day…it is a privilege.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said, ‘All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.’ One thing I think should be added to that is the fact that consistent practice made them great. There are a lot of Soyinkas, Achebes, Masons, Osofisans, Osundares and the rest, infact there are many who write better than they do, they are however unknown either because they never had the opportunity to be publicised or their interest was killed. Pursuant to this, pennyshaldrelicious blog has decided to bring to the platform writers and poets who are new. They have different styles, techniques, some are refined, some are not, some have it as an inborn ability in them while others are learning the art, whichever one it is, believe me…

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