The past is all gone
Leaving me with memories
Now I’m going on with the killing pain
There’s no way I won’t remember those moments
It keeps lingering in my heart.

Just to correct some thing
I should go back to where I started
But I’m afraid that it’s too late
Something just keep telling me
That season comes, season goes
Everything that happened were meant to happen
But it just keeps coming.
I wish I could close my eyes and open them
And see the world afresh
Like nothing happened.

The time spent with friends
The time I was betrayed by a best friend
Having a crush on a guy I can’t have
I only want to be a normal girl
And live a normal life.

I want to move on
But this pain won’t leave me
Am so broken inside
Have been through misery
Faced a lot of challenges and difficulties
Solitude has taken the best part of me.

By: Adeniyi-Adeyinka Adetoro
Ekiti State University

This is the first of its kind on this blog, here is a new and growing voice in poetry, I implore that seasoned poets and our readers, criticise constructively and ask questions. Thank you all.

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