This is really a bad time for those of us who like the comfort of our private car/our parents’ car. I had to come to school via commercial transportation today because my mum’s car lacked petrol…seriously it was stressful. I passed by so many filling stations between Apata to UI and it is really sad that virtually all the filling stations were closed, they looked like condemned buildings and for the very few that were opened; trust me when I tell you that they are crowded, you might want to ask if a show was going on in those filling stations, so many people with kegs of different sizes and colours. The pathetic thing is how citizens of a country flowing with milk and honey lined up under the scorching sun while they are there celebrating 100years.

The question I asked myself was, where has our fuel gone to? As at February 18, 2014 there was the news of petrol scarcity and a possible increase in the already too high price of petrol looking at the fact that we have crude oil, however the good-hearted NNPC denied that there was nothing of such and that they have enough to last our beloved aged country of 100years for months. Another question I asked myself was, since NNPC denied this, what has now happened to the price of petrol and why are the filling stations closed?

Reports getting to me as at yesterday morning was that in some parts of Ogbomoso and Ibadan, petrol now goes for #120 naira and 110 naira respectively. Motorist are now rushing for ‘black market’. To add flavour to the centenary celebration, we now have petrol hawkers, seriously, isn’t that one of the great ways to show development in our country asides from the massacred Yobe students?

No ill intention intended, but since many people are now storing fuel at home, I just can’t help but imagine the number of fire-outbreaks we might experience before fuel comes back from its sabbatical. It is however necessary to ask ‘them’ what they have done with our petrol, is there really scarcity? Is this a case of fuel hoard? Is this a ploy to increase the cost of fuel? Is it because of vandalised pipes? Or more importantly, could it be that ASO ROCK is now running generator, hence the need for them to divert our fuel there because of the centenary celebration?

Whatever the situation is, NNPC, NUPENG and FEDERAL GOVERNMENT or whoever is concerned should please do something about this urgently, I mean urgently not them telling us they are working on it when they are actually busy celebrating. Please, at least for the sake of us who can’t afford a ticket to Abuja and still want to come to Abuja with our vehicles for this celebration. More importantly, the next time I go home I want my mum to bring me to school and not tell me there is no fuel.

Finally, thank heavens my BB doesn’t run on petrol and thank God neither do I, really can’t imagine what would have happened to us in this aged country of ours. Thanks for reading through.

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