Update From Nigeria National Conference 2014…

Today’s session of the National
Conference commenced with a
debate as to whether the
Conference should invite
memoranda from the public
outside issues to be presented by
delegates. The question was put by
the Conference Chairman, Justice
Idris Legbo Kutigi.

What do you think? Should memoranda from the public be invited? Just click on this link and see what they agreed on.


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Do you even know that there is anything
going on in Nigeria which concerns you and
I? For those that don’t know the national
conference is on, it started since 17th March,
2014 and according to His Excellency, the
voice of everyone must be heard(don’t know
how true that is though). Anyway, NIGERIA
NATIONAL CONFERENCE 2014(confab) is on, under the chairmanship of Hon Justice Idris Kutigi GCON
to follow up on the conference go to their
website- http://www.nigerianationalconference2

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Do you seriously believe that? Is that really possible? Oh my God! what’s going to happen now? How do I find answers now? School work has just become a great workload. Can I really cope without google?

No one knows anything for certain, but I know for certain THAT GOOLE HAS NOT CRASHED AND IT IS NOT LIKELY GOING TO CRASH. I am sorry if you got deceived for a while, but then I am sure a lot of questions ran through your head for a while, you probably quickly tried going to http://www.google.com to check the authenticity of that heading.

Actually, even I don’t pray or wish that google crash, not now or ever. If that happens how am I suppose to read this SOC 104 course. My roommate and I were just having a chat during one of our night reading and the question just popped up. I asked her what will happen if we just hear that google crashes. Seriously, the idea is unbelievable and unthinkable especially for students, lecturers who spent four days in the library just to their assignments in those days will definitely be happy, because these days, all it takes their student is to give the question to google, lo and behold, lots and lots of answers are before you.

Asides from its uses by students, google is so good, that there is nothing you can’t ask it, even if your spellings are wrong, it takes the pain of bringing you possible results. Seriously google is really an answer to prayer. Seriously, it is really unfair, that people don’t acknowledge google in their thesis, projects, assignments and the likes.
For someone like me, i really don’t believe I can do without google. Let us forget its advantages or disadvantages, the fact that google has remained a great part of us is ultimately the truth whether we accept it or not.

So as we navigate through this week, let us think of the possibility of google crashing and how it is really going to affect us all adversely, hence join my roommate, other faithful google users and I in praying that ‘no weapon fashion against google shall prosper’ now or ever. Just that you might be sure…GOOGLE HAS NOT CRASHED.

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