Leaders of Tomorrow Waiting For Leaders of Tomorrow.

The likes of Tafa Balogun, Patricia Etteh, Bode George and the recent Stella Oduah are in all sectors and ministries and whether we like it or not we will always have people like them. Of course I am not a pessimist but then when I see the truth I don’t pretend that it is not there. I believe in the power of change and I believe we youths are the change that this country needs, as we are the leaders of tomorrow, though our older ones are still very much interested in that very tomorrow. However, my believe in our ability to change this country is shaking as a result of what I witnessed yesterday.
I happened to attend the congress of my dear faculty and we wanted ratify three judges for our Judicial Council. The reason for this ratification is for the house to decide if these three might-be-judges actually merit it, thus, questions were thrown at them by honourable members of the house. My interest isn’t in how well they answered the questions, but in the behaviour of some members of the house when questions were being thrown at the prospective judges. One of the virtues of a good leader is patience and I think that is what we need as youths. Many members of the house lacked patience, they complained that the questions were too many, they complained that the questions were too difficult and even those that were asking the questions were looked upon as obstacles. Some even felt it was as a result of the malicious nature of the questioners against the prospective judges, most honourables just wanted the ratification process to be over soon.
In my gentle opinion, which according to the constitution I have a right to, I think if care is not taken we might not be different from our present leaders and we might have to continue waiting for ‘the leaders of tomorrow’ because we have allowed the impatient nature of our elders which we complain of to infiltrate us. Seriously, one of the reasons why most of our leaders flop is lack of proper scrutiny and the mentality that anyone that asks them too many questions is looking for their downfall. I believe that asking those who want to take on the mantle of leadership questions as regards to their ability isn’t malicious, it is all for the better of our country, we shouldn’t be carried away by their propaganda, let their ideas and ability be put into questioning, let them tell us how they hope to achieve their ideas, so that when they flop, they won’t be able to shift the blame. Most of them blame their failure on the structure of the country, as if they had no idea of how the country had been.
In conclusion, when they are thoroughly scrutinised they will know that we are expecting a lot from them and that we are not schmucks. They will be at alert to their duties and this way our country won’t have to keep waiting for leaders of tomorrow.

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