I don’t really know what to attribute my being passive on this blog to, but then someone once told me not to blame other people or factors for my mistakes and faults. The person told me to be ready to take the blame and not look for an excuse because I really have none. Thus, I say I am sorry for my long inactivity.
The six-month strike that almost paralysed or as a matter of fact paralysed the education sector of my country is over, thought its effects are still unbelievably obvious, but I hope the education sector regains its balance fast and not get crinkum crankum. I refuse to blame the strike for my inactivity on the blog, I blame it on an imbroglio have been experiencing but just like a popular saying that ‘knowing you have a problem means the problem is already half-solved.’ Therefore, I think I already have a panacea to my imbroglio and I promise a better blog to all my readers.
It is almost time for my class today, but before I go dress up, I want to remind us that no piece of writing is a waste, no matter how long it has been written, there is always something for you to gain each time you pick it up, just like I gained a lot this morning when I decided to go through my friend’s write-up on TOP TEN MOST FUNNY WORDS this morning, despite the fact that I have gone through it a couple of time. To have a share of this TOP TEN FUNNY WORDS, drop by at
Have a fulfilling and please no foofaraw. I love you all.

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