Oredola Ibrahim:::

” I will not shed my tears
At the funeral of a valiant warrior
I will not mourn
The death of a fierce fighter
I will not be grief-stricken
For he has conquered death
With every second of his life.”


Oh, I will weep shamelessly
I will run naked to Eke market
Wail uncontrollably till my tears blind me
I refuse to be soothed
Not even a million kings can console me
This loss is unbearable and painful
Oh,my tears is not for this warrior of the oppressed
Don’t be mistaken
Of course i won’t run naked
because of this emissary of the needy.
I weep because he left a vacuum that no one born
of woman can fill
I refuse to be soothed because no one can be
A king who lived like a slave

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