This is one great poem. The poet has said it all in this work.


One of our enemies is the skin
All, even our kin
Sure when selected random
In this our called kingdom
None is again bosom
Even to our household we demand ransom
No wonder why we look not handsome

All assets look lilliputian
Except those engaged or politicians
Go not in it a city
Then live in good abject povety
This is not an allude
Neither is it a prelude
Our outlook is black
Thus our dwelling like charcoal, the dark

We are blessing in disguise
Though through our eyes
Vision we see no pension
Rather, we are paid with sanction.

We are blessing
To them, and grazing
Is our means of survival
Who will be the person of retrival?
Come give us revival!

Satan according to them is black
Slaves are black
Dirty is black
Devil and evil are represented with black!
We are black!
All bad things are black!!!

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