La Musica Della Vita

this is great piece…………… is beautiful

Poesy plus Polemics

My life plays like opera

Each day sounds new notes

The people I cherish

Blend their vocies with mine

High and low tessitura

Yield intricate chord

Progressions through keys

Modulated by moods

Chiave signatures mark

Those particular days

Fate tuned sharp or flat


Melodia echoes

Through holes in my soul

That identify me

In bel canto refrains

To discerning ears

My passions descant

Contrapunto themes

Tender and protean

Harmonia laid down

With basso attained

From my angrier side


My heartbeat counts tempo

Driving each movement

Of human scale epochs

Childhood’s sonata

Lithe scherzo of youth

Stern adult adagio

Wistful rondo of age

But segues will not

Always smoothly obtain

So brief passages turn

And depart from motif


These breaks often signal

Life-altering soli

Indelible moments

Of legato languor

In lazy withdrawal

Or staccato attack

Seizing destiny’s horns

Intermezzi of mourning

Lushly lacrimoso

Or explosions of joy

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