A teen is someone between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. Now that you know who a teen is, let us get down to my piece for us this week. You will all agree with me that one problem we teens have with our parents and older ones has something to do with Courtesy. They have at one time or the other complained about our level of politeness, and believe me, we get annoyed when mum\dad tells us that we lack courtesy or manners.

 Courtesy has to do with politeness, it is an important asset that we should possess, yet it is amazing that most people especially teens lack this. We find it hard to say simple phrases like, ‘thank you, I am sorry, please, I appreciate you, excuse me please’, and many others but to mention a few. Though this words sounds simple and meaningless, but one thing we don’t know is that they really go a long way when they are said with sincerity. Courtesy has nothing to do with your status, either rich or poor. And being polite doesn’t make you smaller or stupid, it only shows your type of person and how wise you are.

 As teens with great future, we need to be cautious in the way we speak to and with our parents and older ones, because this is another area that causes clash between our parents and us. A simple thank you is much more expensive than millions of naira. Come to think of it. Most rich people can afford to part with their money but they find it difficult to say ‘thank you’ or ‘I am sorry’.

Teens, let us try saying polite things to all those that crosses our path, either small or big. Try this new piece when dealing with your parents and older ones and you will see great improvements in you relationships with them.


La Musica Della Vita

this is great piece…………… is beautiful

Poesy plus Polemics

My life plays like opera

Each day sounds new notes

The people I cherish

Blend their vocies with mine

High and low tessitura

Yield intricate chord

Progressions through keys

Modulated by moods

Chiave signatures mark

Those particular days

Fate tuned sharp or flat


Melodia echoes

Through holes in my soul

That identify me

In bel canto refrains

To discerning ears

My passions descant

Contrapunto themes

Tender and protean

Harmonia laid down

With basso attained

From my angrier side


My heartbeat counts tempo

Driving each movement

Of human scale epochs

Childhood’s sonata

Lithe scherzo of youth

Stern adult adagio

Wistful rondo of age

But segues will not

Always smoothly obtain

So brief passages turn

And depart from motif


These breaks often signal

Life-altering soli

Indelible moments

Of legato languor

In lazy withdrawal

Or staccato attack

Seizing destiny’s horns

Intermezzi of mourning

Lushly lacrimoso

Or explosions of joy

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A Lonely Meeting

Here they come like mourners
Their presence announced the dying day.
They marched like soldiers that heard the bell
That signify the end of war.
Or are they really soldiers?
Has there been a war?
Are they the lost comrades?
I must have died the day the war started
How could i not have known about the war?
Where was I to cheer them up?
They stared like something was amiss.
They gazed with uncertainty
Their eyes upon me.
Is this because i didn’t cheer them up?
Are they here to crucify me?
Their planet differs from mine
Whatever war took place is not my concern
Their gain or loss is not mine
But why have they come here?
I knew i had to sword down this meeting
They seem without direction
He that seems like a leader changed the lead
After he had probably cleared me of his doubt
They didn’t trust to come
They all followed him without question
And continued their procession to heaven or hell
For they are no better than the deceased
Are they really warriors?
Their armour and sword they must have left at the field
Why are they without Adeoti’s red milk?
I am convinced that they are not warriors
But their gloomy face confused me.
Their contrast procession of the natural colours,
I was soon denied of, as the greens swallowed them.
Their departure brought the reality of my solitude.
Darkness is here
And I am alone.
They are better than me after all
At least they enjoy company
Alas I was disappointed.
And looked forward to another meeting
Though this was a lonely meeting.